Monday, June 25, 2018

To Mad

 Hello All. Well here's the story for the week. My darn refrigerator  hand broke off and the  refrigerator is only about 5 years old if that. I was so mad over the weekend they make crap things now. I replaced a refrigerator that was 20 years old  with this piece of crap it was going but the handle never broke like this one. Now I have to find a guy to fix it. More money spend that should not have been because of cheaply made products. I hate that.

I had sent my mother some flowers and a fruit basket from 1800 flowers last week. She got both before her birthday. I had spoke to her later on and she told me that the flowers I send had fallen  apart in 2 days. I called 1800 and explained to them what happen. I had lost the receipt and was not sure about what flowers I had sent her.  They were nice about it and looked me up, apologized for the flowers. They  gave me a $20 credit toward my next order. Plus they are sending my mother some new flowers. Which was a nice thing to do . Since I had paid a pretty penny for the order.

My $1 a day challenge, yes I am still doing it. Told you I am going to Hawaii next year and I need spending $$. Well I barely made my $$ for June. But thank god I had a mystery shop that paid me $30 bucks plus I rolled some coins which came out to $37.50 which $25 of that is going to my coin  stock  challenge. So I have $12.50 toward my dollar challenge, Nice right! 

                                        Well that's my story so what do you think?  

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