Sunday, November 26, 2017

2018 Challenges

Hello All. well here's the story so far. Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are here but...... I am still think ahead to my challenges for 2018. I am still doing the

Coin Challenge - This is where I save all my coins and deposit them in to my Kellogg's stock and see what I come out with at the end of each years just from saving coins. My total so far for my Kellogg's stock is $353. Not bad for just giving then $25 in coins when I get it.


A Dollar A Day Challenge- We all know this one it's where I save a dollar a day doing mystery shops, returning bottles, online surveys etc. Anything to make a buck. I take my dollars and put it into my piggy bank and use that money for my cruises. Which I seem to go on one a year now.

Lose Weight Challenge- This is a new one I am 240lbs and that's not good. I got a fat neck among other things and I need to lose this weight. So that  will be my goal in 2018. If I could lose 25lbs and start eating right I would be a happy camper.

These are my 2018 goals which I will be cheating and starting on Dec 1th this Friday. So what are your 2018 goals and plans???

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy ThanksGiving

 Hello All, Just wanted to give you some Thanksgiving Humor Happy Thanksgiving, Stay Safe and Blessed!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hotel Room In Long Beach California

Let's Walk The Vegas Strip Togetther

Vacation Over

                                                   My Friend The Seals in San Francisco

                                                 My Vegas View From My Hotel Window

Hello All, Well here's my story for the week. My vacation is over. I spent 2 weeks in California one week on a cruise the last week in Vegas. For the cruise part I went on Ruby Princess up the California Coast t line. The ports were nice ( San Francisco,Monterey , San Diego, Ensenada Mexico) the ship borrrrrrrng.  The entertainment and food was not as good as their other ships. I am sorry to say for my entertainment I spent most of my time in the ships casino, lucky I won a coupe of bucks.

The Vegas trip was good . I stayed in Ballys on comps. The only part I did not like about the strips hotels is  that they charge you for parking self parking $10 a day Valet $18 per day. That's expensive when you factor in the cost of your hotel room. Good part about Vegas is that I have so many comps for food and gambling it was almost like a very cheap trip for me. Overall in both places I won enough money gambling ( $2500) that now I have money for my next trip.

Other then that I am back and not ready for Thanksgiving but I do know one thing Thanksgiving will be on the cheap side and small side  since I ate so much food in the last two weeks. Weight Watchers is now dialing me direct! So that's my story what do you think?