Sunday, May 31, 2015

Yard Sale Event

Good morning everyone, so yesterday I did my yearly yard sale and as you can see I got a lot of stuff to sell. Mostly the stuff you see is from when i did flea markets and I sold toys lots of toys, leather goods, glassware. you name it if I could get it cheap I sold it. Well anyway I worked from 8-6 it was hot and muggy yesterday and after all was said and done I made...............$72 for the day. People are just not spending the money at the garage sales like they use to.  Some are even cheaper then me demanding almost that i give them free stuff. And let me tell you I was selling stuff cheap under $5 cheap. some stuff I just gave away because I wanted to get rid of it,but only to the nice people.   I now have to donate most of the stuff that I did not sell but that's OK at least I made the effort to sell it and I am grateful that I got a chance to add money to my business which is now  buying and selling stuff on bonanza and i met some nice people in the process.So it was a win win day for me well almost....
Also I am starting to make a effort to really use any coupons that I can find because my goal for 2016 is to make $5,000 in doing stuff on the side like selling, lottery wins, unexpected money some people call them snow flakes I just call it making $$. For June I really need to stop spending or shall I say wasting money on lottery tickets. I have spent over $100 for the month of may and got zero in return.  
                                                    So what do you think???

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Picture Perfect Day

It was a nice day for a flea market run. I love flea markets I get to see great stuff like these old fashion camera's and I get to walk . So I am killing two birds with one stone. Nothing to really report hey it's the weekend and I just wanted to say have a great one!  So what do you think??

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Holiday

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Wishing  you and your family a Safe and Happy Holiday.

OK, here what's going on this week so far, I am going to make it quick. I got my mystery shopping check for $15. I did the shop in April. which I will deposit  this money into my saving account until I need it. I am losing at winning lotto  So what else is new? I spend on average $25 bucks a week and I might make $4 on that $25. I just need to stop. I know I am truly wasting money chasing after this million dollar pipe dream. I also got a $500 On us  from Chase but there is a catch. I have to put $15,000 in new money in a checking account and have direct deposit attached to the checking account for a period of 90 days.  If I do that I get $300. If I open a saving account with new money then I get $200  but if I open both I get  $500. My question is does anybody have $15,000. to lend me??
Have a great Holiday!! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Friday!!

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It's Friday and let's get this weekend started right. Here is what happened this week. I was finally able  to downsize some of my bank accounts.( I had 10) I have way to many, I told myself once I left my job I was going to get rid of and downsize to make my life simpler. I am still trying to do that and I have been out of work for 10 months now. Ok, so call me slow.  I have been looking into making money on the internet and living off of that. Meaning that what I make I spend If  I don't make anything I can not spend anything. I wold keep a reserve of $100 bucks just in case but other then that I don't make it I can not spend it. Also I got my statement from my old job regarding my  pension in the mail today. I worked for the City of New York for the last 191/2 years and according to my pension papers it stated that I will have $19,500 a year in pension which comes out to $1601. a month before taxes. So I figure I have about 10 years to go to make extra money to supplement my pension. I know your saying you have social security to count on. I know I do but If I want extra stuff in retirement. Like nicer vacations, gambling money, I also have to include inflation in that money because as we all know things do go up in price.  Just for that I need extra money. right?? So between living a free  spirited life and figuring out how to make extra money I should be busy. So what do you think??

Monday, May 11, 2015

I Got IT!

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Today I went to home depot and purchased a lawn mower for $200 bucks. I know what your thinking that's kinda expensive, but. This is why I purchased this lawn mover, first I told you mine broke and needed to be replaced. Second after interviewing  three gardeners  to see which one is  cheaper.  The prices that were quoted to me was $20, $25, $30.  a week and none of them would agree to my terms as far as doing my yard  twice a month instead of every week like they normally do . My yard does not need to be done every week.  So I decided if  I  purchased a lawn mover  and did it myself twice a month the cost of the lawn mover would pay for itself in a couple of months.. If you take the $20 a week for a gardener that's $80 a month and $960 a year minus the cost of the lawn mower $200 that's a saving of   $760. I think I could do the yard myself for that kinda savings, besides I get some exercise when I do do it. So I am saving money  and getting a work out. This works for me.                    So what do you think???

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saving Money Week!

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Happy Mother Day everyone, Have a good and very blessed one. Here is the story for the week. I was on my " I am saving money this week kick" So I decided that I was not spending money this week. I spring cleaned my house and found $5.20 cents doing it. Got my stuff ready for my yard sale at the end of May. I also saved $20 bucks by doing my own yard work. I am between gardeners right now and they charge you about $20  a week  to do the front and back of your house and they do it weekly . So that's about $80 for the month.So yesterday I did it myself and saved $20 bucks. But I also found out that I have to buy another lawnmower mine broke. I also had to spend money on a weed whacker cost me $30 bucks. The land mower will close me under $100 I hope. I saw a nice one in Home Depot that I wanted. The better thing for me to do is wait and see if I can find one in a yard sale for cheap. So you can say I saved to spend money this week. But my spending was for a good cause.
 What do you think???

Monday, May 4, 2015

So Much!

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Hello all how was everyones weekend. Let me tell you about mine. I  normally save my weekends for garage sales but Sunday I went to an estate sale that sold old toys. Here's what happened. We get there at about 10:00 in Sunday  morning and the person at the door to the sale   (which actually was a company running the sale)  said that we had to wait until a tour guide was available before we could go in. My thoughts  were is this a museum or a  estate sale? Well we get inside the home with our tour guide and everything toys, large real stuffed animals, old fashion phone booths, advertisement signs from the 50& 60's, old train cars, big Elvis, Micheal Jackson, Al Pacino figures, old liquor bottles, vintage barbies, stuff from an old 50's dinner  all of the stuff was way over priced. Liked 25%-50% over priced. I looked at a barbie doll that I can still get in the stores today and the estate wanted $25 in the store it goes for $14.99. You get the picture. I saw some old toys that I was interested in but they wanted $250.00 for one item. I said they were crazy. Then our tour guide stated that me and my partner had to stay together like were were kids  that needed supervision. I was done with the tour guides attitude. My partner told me later that the company running the sale  had installed cameras in the house to watch the people which they look around . Now you are accusing your buyers of being thief's to. We left the house before seeing the rest of it  the way we were treated was insulting.  In other news I am still working on making a dollar a day it sounds easy but you try it and let me know how you make out. So far my dollar a day challenge has me at 0 and I am 3 days into the month already. I am also working on my meal planning so that I do not spend a lot of money on food this month. What else. So far I am feeling the need to get a job at least part time but my partner tell me to hold off so that what I am going to do at least until Sept. So what do you think???