Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Friday!!

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It's Friday and let's get this weekend started right. Here is what happened this week. I was finally able  to downsize some of my bank accounts.( I had 10) I have way to many, I told myself once I left my job I was going to get rid of and downsize to make my life simpler. I am still trying to do that and I have been out of work for 10 months now. Ok, so call me slow.  I have been looking into making money on the internet and living off of that. Meaning that what I make I spend If  I don't make anything I can not spend anything. I wold keep a reserve of $100 bucks just in case but other then that I don't make it I can not spend it. Also I got my statement from my old job regarding my  pension in the mail today. I worked for the City of New York for the last 191/2 years and according to my pension papers it stated that I will have $19,500 a year in pension which comes out to $1601. a month before taxes. So I figure I have about 10 years to go to make extra money to supplement my pension. I know your saying you have social security to count on. I know I do but If I want extra stuff in retirement. Like nicer vacations, gambling money, I also have to include inflation in that money because as we all know things do go up in price.  Just for that I need extra money. right?? So between living a free  spirited life and figuring out how to make extra money I should be busy. So what do you think??

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