Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Holiday

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Wishing  you and your family a Safe and Happy Holiday.

OK, here what's going on this week so far, I am going to make it quick. I got my mystery shopping check for $15. I did the shop in April. which I will deposit  this money into my saving account until I need it. I am losing at winning lotto  So what else is new? I spend on average $25 bucks a week and I might make $4 on that $25. I just need to stop. I know I am truly wasting money chasing after this million dollar pipe dream. I also got a $500 On us  from Chase but there is a catch. I have to put $15,000 in new money in a checking account and have direct deposit attached to the checking account for a period of 90 days.  If I do that I get $300. If I open a saving account with new money then I get $200  but if I open both I get  $500. My question is does anybody have $15,000. to lend me??
Have a great Holiday!! 

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