Friday, July 31, 2020

Good Feeling

                                                                        Hello All..

Just a quickie with the pandemic and staying inside a lot I have gotten use to not wearing a bra. So when I have to put on a bra to go outside I get upset. Because you have to wear one when you go out just like your mask. But when I come home the bra come off  Heaven. Just a little personal note..

                                                                      Have a Great Weekend   


Thursday, July 23, 2020


 Hello all well here's the story for the week. Last week I had surgery and it was scary not because of the procedure but the bill I might have to pay . But anyway the doc who did the surgery  did my last surgery and he is so nice. He's a cutie and I think I have a crush on him. He's  about my age in his 50's and his personality makes him so nice. Everybody that I speak to about him loves him. So I have competition  besides his wife ( LOL).

The mystery shops are coming back and I am ready to start working again. I think I will start in August when I am well enough to go back. I am ready to do something because the summer is flying by and since I can not travel or cruise I might as well go to work.

                                                     Well that's my Story What do you think?

Monday, July 6, 2020

Free Lunch


Hello all well here's my story for the past week. First the Board Of Education is giving out free breakfast and lunch for the summer no questions asked. Yes that's me standing on line with my blue protective gloves on and , a big white bag  in my hands. The breakfast is basically a small muffin, chocolate  or  1% milk. and a  apple/orange. The lunch as you can see in the picture is not bad, You get a choice of sandwiches ( this was a turkey & cheese)  in a plastic bag with a bag of sliced apples, pretzels and some hummus ( not sure what that is or how you eat it)  For lunch it was ok. I love the apples and pretzels the turkey sandwich and hummus not so much.


It's been to hot 80's & 90's here in New York to move around a lot . New York is really getting it's heat on this year. So  with me staying  home I am trying to get my old files and paperwork cleaned out. Who needs bank statements from the 80's Not me.

So that's my story what do you think?