Saturday, September 26, 2020

$5 Bucks

Hello all well here's the story for the week. I got my $5 from taking the Nelson Survey. That was unexpected but I do apricate it. I have been running all week with eye appointments or doing mystery shopping. My mystery shopping company limited me to 3 shops paying $20 bucks each. Tried to get in 2 more to make $100 but they cut me off. Darn!

I was thinking about going yard sailing this weekend but in my area everybody is selling junk. I have enough junk of my own that I need to sell. So I passed on that.

 I have been worrying about what if's lately. What if I don't have enough money to cover my expenses, what if I can't get my food bill under control, what if I lose my partner and his income which supports us both. I realize you can not predict the future. You have to take one day at a time and hope for the best. 

So that's my story what do you think?

Sunday, September 20, 2020

How Much!!!

 Hello All

 Well here's the story so far. It has been a crazy medical week. Fist I had to have a procedure  done in the hospital this pass Friday. Before this time on Wednesday I got something in my eye. I had to rush to the eye doctor. He says I have something called a floater in the eye that will not go away but will lessen in a month or two. When it rains it pours when it comes to medical  situations.

So after my procedure in the hospital.  I get a prescription for  heart medication. Why did the pharmacy tell me it was $55 for a 30 day supply. When I went to pick it up. I almost  told her to keep it. I know why people can't afford their medications it's to darn expensive! Thank god it was not my insulin that's like $700 for 4 boxes. I do have express script which is medication mail order service  but I needed to take this heart medication soon. So I bit my lip hard it bleed and payed the $55. for this medication.

I am so sick of hospitals and  taking new medications  I feel like I am going crazy. So how was your week?

                                                      So that's my story what do you think?



Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Money In The Mail

  Hello all well here's the story for the week. Money in the mail love it. I got a letter  from the Nielsen rating people. They seem to want to know my TV watching  habits. So I told them. In the survey letter  was a nice new one dollar bill for my trouble. After I send in the survey they are going to send me $5 bucks. That works for me. I am trying to raise/make about $10 extra a month so that I can continue to do my podcast show I love books . So I do a books &  movie review The  A Hills Book Review & Movies Too Show on Speaker.  It cost me about $3.50 a month now but I got a year special last year. But come December the special is over and it goes up to $7 a month but I say it's $10 because  you never know it might be $10 in the future that way if I keep it I am prepared.

 Prices are crazy the more I shop the more I see it. I went to get a piece of salmon yesterday they wanted $21.99 a pound for fish. I asked the fish man does that fish come with a 14k gold chain and will it cook me dinner. $21.99 a pound is crazy for fish. Food is way to expensive that's why I am seeing less and less people in the grocery story. If food prices keep going up it's only going to be the rich going to them.

                                                 So that's My story what do you think?


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Really September??

  Hello all  well here's the story so far for September. It's all about the medical. I have so many medical appointments for either me or my partner. That every time I get a letter from my insurance  company regarding our medical procedures I get to scared to open it up. Fearing that the medical insurance company will  say I have to pay a whole lot of money. It's scary if you don't have medical insurance and more scary if you do and still have to pay. Crazy right.  I already pay a couple hundred out of pocket for medical procedures  which I am grateful for because it could be much much more.

Garage sales are crazy. I go to a lot of yard/garage sales for entertainment & business purposes. This year I have seen more junk at higher prices. Then in the past few years.  I have  purchased a few things because you know I have a online store so that I can  make extra money  for unexpected bills that pop-up. Anyway I am paying more like $65-75 dollars for a lot of items compared to a couple years ago when I was paying say $50-60 for a whole lot more then what I am getting now. Yardsales/garage sales are no bargain anymore well not in New York city anyway.

I miss my mother have not gotten to see her in 10 months because of the virus things and all the medical appointment. I need a vacation or at least a small  getaway to go visit.

                                                           So that's my story what do you think?


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Doing To Myself

Hello all here's the story for the week. I do this to myself. I read the papers. listen to the news and I get scared. No unemployment extensions of the $600 extra people were getting. People getting evicted from their homes, food prices crazy, no jobs to be had, medical expenses are thru the roof. People are struggling out here and to top it off we still got  this  killer Virus floating around. Yea It's scary and I am scared.

What I have been doing is getting my papers in order, All the bank accounts, stocks, housing information. Finding out what my retirement income will be, shredding all unnecessary papers. Trying to get organized. I never want to be in the position of not knowing where things are and not having enough of something. I am trying to keep the  my cheapskate life that  I have grown accustomed to.

 I know you can not predict the future but if you try and prepare for the presents at least you know where you stand for now anyway.

                                                     That's My Story what do you think?

Friday, August 21, 2020


Hello  All I am such a Sucker!!  Here's  why.  First you know I go to the school to get the free Grab & Go  lunch and breakfast that they offer. Well the last time I went there was this women in front of me that you would  have thought she was in a supermarket. She was taking so long to choose  the few food  items that the school offered . When I got to the items I picked what I wanted but to tell the truth I just wanted the breakfast and milk. I keep going back to the school for the grab and go lunches because they are free but they are horrible in my opinion.  I am a Sucker for free stuff even if I don't  like it to much. 

The lines was crazy I had this thing about Chip NY cookies  People kept saying the cookies were so good.  They were featured on TV and everything.   At $3.50 a cookies they are expensive.   So I stupidly followed the hype. There is a  Chips cookie truck that comes to my area on Wednesdays. I had to get one.  So I waited 1/2 hours on line in the rain to get 4 cookies that cost me $14. Were they good don't believe the Hype. They were ok nothing to write home to mother about. I have to stop being a sucker for what people think is so good. Because to me it's not

That's my story what do you think?  

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Is this Coastal TINY HOUSE COMMUNITY the Ideal Lifestyle?


                                                                    Hello All

 No story today Just wanted to show you this Great Idea! I could so live here and be very content in my tiny house. I love tiny houses. Less stuff, less  money and less stress and very little upkeep. I am in!!.                                               
                                                                   What do you think?