Tuesday, September 14, 2021

2 Days

  Hello all well here's the story. 2 days it took to get a plumber in to look at my hot water heating tank and my heating system in my rental. Which I am glad it's empty at the moment. Anyway I had an appointment on Monday with the plumber he never showed.  The company he works for stated that he went to the wrong place. Who's fault was that? Now day 2 he finally shows up and fixed the problem and they have a nerve to charge me $1200. The killer part is two things I have not gotten the part to fix my hot water heater which would be about $500.  The part is  on order. Also these repair companies are charging $75 just to tell you what's  wrong with the item that needs to be fixed. To add insult to injury they include  the  $75 to the price of the bill if they have to fix it.  Not anymore that $75 is separate from the labor charge and parts  that you might need.

 Con Edison  already came and told me what was wrong with my systems for free. So why should I pay your repair company $75 to tell me the same thing? . If you don't have insurance money or house money you are going to be screwed. Repair   companies are now charging you  crazy prices to come and see what's needs to be fix. Forget  what they will  charge you to fix it.

                                   That's My Story What Do You Think?


Thursday, September 9, 2021

Who Knew??

  Hello all
well here's the story for the week. Who Knew?. I told you that I needed a plumber for my hot water heater in my rental. I started to call the company that I always used. But when I asked my facebook group about them did I get a ear full about the company. I even read the Yelp reviews and the bottom line is the company is a rip-off.

The last time they came to the house to  repair something. They told me I need new pipes in certain areas of the home and if I did not get them fixed the pipes would break and I would get a lot of water in my basement. I thought they were right so I did the job for $1700. Come to find out they have pulled that same scam on other customers. They Got Me or shall I say my money.

 It's hard now a days to believe anybody will come and do honest work. What happen to the good old repair people back in the day. Now I only see people who want to scam you. Such a shame.

                                              That's My Story what Do You Think?



Friday, September 3, 2021

Thanks Hurricane Ida

  Hello all well here's the story for the week. I have never worked so hard as I have done this week.  Yesterday I worked mopping, scooping water , cleaning bathrooms. all because Hurricane Ida hit New York and   flooded a lot of my area's basements with water. Thank god it was my rental and the basement was empty just tiled flooring and nothing else to much. Well my neighbor  told me that the water was coming out of the toilets in the basements  and it kept coming because of the heavy downpour of rain  Ida had given us. Thanks Ida or mother nature.

Anyway my rental basement damage was enough  that we worked  cleaning the floor as much as we could of the  dirt and left over  water . The water smelled like fish it was nasty.  Thank god my mother installed a  french drain in the basement years ago because we use to get a lot of water in the basement. The French drain pumps  the water into a big barrel in the basement and then it takes the water in the barrel and pumps it out into the street from under the house.  That saved me from seeing a swimming pool in my basement when I got  there. Oh yea my rental home is the house I use to live in if I forgot to tell you that. Now the problem is  I have to call a plumber because the switch on the hot water heater was damaged because of the high water. Also I need to check the washing machine and dryers system so much to do. It's a hot mess.

While working  on clean up was bad  it could have been worse. I will call my insurance company to see what they can do. I know  it's time to sell. Let somebody else have a turn  cleaning up water in the basement. I have done it for years and I am tired.

                                                    That's My story What do you think?


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Not Much To Tell

 Hello all well here's the story for the week. Nothing much to tell. Still trying to get the van sold. I am hoping this guy I talked to can get me a buyer. I only want $1500 for the van. The cost of my repairs.

Being retired takes a lot out of you. I have to be responsible for our finances, calling for doctors appointments, keeping track of household situations, It's like being a secretary , financial officer, driver, travel planner and so many other thing all at different times.  Sometimes it gets frustrating and  tiresome.

I had to cancel my reservations for Atlantic city because we are still waiting for our car to come back from the repair shop and the car I am using now I dare not take to far. It's over 30 years old and has some issues. I love my car but she does have her limits.

Other then that nothing much to talk about my week has been quite so far.

                                             Well that's my story what do you think?



Friday, August 13, 2021

To Hot

 Hello all here's the story for the week. It's to hot to do anything. New York is 90 degrees but feels like 100 degrees. Friday it was 98 but felt like 108. Me and my partner cleaned the van that we are trying to sell. A guy that we know said that he was going to take pictures of the van because he has a buyer. But for the last 2 days it was to hot to move. So the guy did not show up , But I understand it's to hot. The guy told us to give him time. The van will be sold for like $2000. That's what I am asking for it anyway. It cost us $1500 to get it fixed and we thought $2000 is the right price to sell the van for just to get rid of it.

I was sweating like a pig just walking outside to my car. That ever happen to you  where you just can not stop sweating because it's just to hot?

                                                 Well that's my story what do you think?


Monday, August 9, 2021


Hello all  I am tired. I have been working  making phone calls to  Insurance companies, car repair shops,  I need a break. When you get into any kind of  accident you might as well say that you have do do most of the work yourself.
Here's the crazy part Saturday the repair shop called to say that the  Allstate  claims adjustment guy  has not shown up yet to inspect the damage to the car.  The repair guys  took my car for repairs on Wednesday. The repair guy says that he can not do anything until the Allstate guys sees it and tells him how much he will be paid for the repairs. That's crazy. Now I have to wait until someone decides to check on my car  and give them  a repair price to get my car back.

  I swear since covid things have not been right since.

I am tired..

     Well that's my story what do you think?

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Company Truck

  Hello well well here's the story  for this week. They hit me!!! My car got hit by a  major company truck Can you said that I am mad. I am mad!! The damage is extensive. what is it about red cars that people don't like. I have a red car and it keeps getting abused. The crazy part is that I waited 5 hours for the police to show up. I called 911 70 times every 15 minutes on the 15 minutes. They told me that the police were on their way. So 5 hours later  I was still waiting.

I ended going to my local precinct  to get a police report the cop tells me that they do not  comes to  personal property accidents anymore.  They also said our insurance company should fill out the police report. What does that mean??  Well it means they do not come to  car  accidents unless somebody is badly hurt  or god forbid dead and the insurance company can do the paper work for the accident.  If I would have known the police would not show up  I would not have waited so long.

 I can not tell you the damage to my car and my personal self. What a way to start the week

                                                 That's My  Story what Do You Think?