Monday, September 17, 2018


Hello all well here's my scary story for the week. I got my hospital bill in and it was something to scream about. I had surgery  Aug 1. I stayed in the hospital for about 6 hours. That's all the insurance would pay for. So the hospital bill comes in this week for the hospital stay , the anesthesiologist, the surgery room  the drugs everything that I used in the hospital. The bill came to ……..$20,879.50 if that don't make you scream I don't know what would.

Thank god I mean really thank god for insurance all I had to pay was $200. The insurance company only gave the hospital $12,000. for everything. Which is still a lot in my book. I can really see why people don't want to go to the doctors or afraid to get sick. It's to expensive.

If I had to pay that bill out of pocket I would be down at the hospital billing office telling them my sad financial story and see if they could put me on a payment plan of like $10-15 a month. You know it could take me a couple of years to pay it off and I hope that during that time I don't get sick again where I need more surgery.

This country has to do a better job with our health care system. Our  health care should be free for all that are citizens and add dental care and drugs that  we need to stay health to the list to .  Just like other countries have we need it to.

                                                              So what do you think? 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Cover It!!

Hello all well here's the story for the week. Thank god I cover my A** because if not I would have been in trouble. I had put a full payment down on a cruise back in July . For a 12 days cruise in November I paid about $4300 for 2 people, but we also included the cancellation insurance. I am thankful that we did. My partner was having leg problems and he went to see a doctor. We thought that he might need surgery which would have taken us out of the cruise picture for a while. I called the cruise company just in case to see what the refund situation would have been.
They told me that they would refund all but $1985.00 from my cruise bill. That money would have to come from the insurance company because I had  cancellation insurance. Which I paid a little bit extra for but was worth it. Because had I not had it I would be out a cruise and $1985.00 in cash that I could not afford. I was already on a tight budget with this cruise.

So no matter what it is  your doing or planning to do. Make sure you put the right things  in place just in case you have to cover you A** one day.

So what do you think?


Monday, September 3, 2018

I Like Him


Hello Everyone, How are you today. I just wanted to share something with you. You know I like my yard sales and stuff and I really like see what's kind of yard sales and flea markets they have in other states. I find this guy the Bearded Picker who  goes to yard sales in places like Alabama. Texas and such. He's funny at times. I like him.

I love YouTube because it allows me to go to yard sales and flea markets all over the state without leaving my home. I even go to England and see some of their car boots which is like  our  flea markets over there.

Nothing else special is going on but I will keep you posted. Have a great week. So what do you think?

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Happy Labor Day

          Hello all just want to wish everyone a Safe & Happy Labor Day Weekend

Thursday, August 30, 2018

A.C. Bust

Hello All, Well here's the story back from Atlantic City. Some parts were a bust some pretty decent. . First I paid for my first night in Cesar's Hotel $75 dollars the rest of my stay which was 2 extra nights were complimentary. First off  I get to  my room did not have an ocean view as I requested. I had to go back down stairs and fight with them for a room with a view. Then I get to my new  room it was ok, nothing great. I did get my ocean view.  Then I checked my bed like always and  my bed sheets they had a stain  on them. Heck No!!! Hello  housekeeping come and get this nasty sheet off my bed.
Once housekeeping came then I tried to use the coffee maker it's broke. Once again Hello Housekeeping  bring me a new coffee maker. See how the vacations going so far?

Now on to the Hard Rock Casino it's a new one in Atlantic City. All I can say is that I hear them. The music was so loud in the place you could go deaf. They did have good waitress service but the drinks tasted liked flavored water without the liquor. The food was reasonable in price but cold and tasteless. They were not giving you any money away through their slot machines . So I left.

The only casino that showed me some love was Tropicana they gave me $75 in ShopRite gift cards. I won $250 bucks. They gave me a free magic show and I got $6 off my Hooters wings. I love the wings at hooters they are so good.

Overall I did get to the beach, the weather was nice and I visited family. A good vacation without some of the trouble spots to me. So what do you think?

P.S. I got $25 off my room charge so that was a good thing. Since we  complained  we had a right to  I think they just wanted us to shut-up so they paid us to. Works for me.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Atlantic City

Hello all How Are you today?

Well here's the story for the week. So far it's been a quite week for me which is a good thing. I am heading out to Atlantic City this weekend. With surgery and doctors  all this month. I needed a quick get away to the beach and Atlantic City is it for me. Ok, I confess I want to see the two new casinos the Hard Rock and  I forget the other one that opened up in Atlantic City recently. I want to see   what these new casinos look like inside.  Maybe they will be paying you a little something to. Wishful thinking right. At least I hope they have good and cheap restaurants. Because the rest of the casinos on the board walk are  taking your money not giving you  anything and their restaurants suck..
I remember a time way way way back when  I use to get about $50 in food vouchers and $100 worth of free play. Not anymore I am lucky if they give me free rooms. Which this time I have to pay for my stay Sunday night at a coat of $70 bucks. The rest of the week I am staying until Wednesday is complimentary. I know $70 bucks is a lot especially when I use to get that same night free. But I feel  sometimes you have to bite the bullet if you want to do something. Besides my mother lives down there so the trip is also to visit her for a couple of days.
Overall I just need a cheap getaway and for now Atlantic City is it. What do you think?