Thursday, May 23, 2019

To Much

Hello all...

Just wanted to say have a great Memorial Day Weekend, Get out and see what you can see. We will talk about the craziness of my life next week.
Be safe, Have fun and enjoy!

So what do you think?

Sunday, May 19, 2019

You Gota Go

Hello all  happy May. well here's  the story for the week. I had to fired  some people this week. I am ok with it because like my ma says people just don't want to work anymore.

1th Fired my gardener. he rings my bell trying to tell me that I owe him $350 from last year. For a fall clean up he did. He caught me so off guard that I told him to give me a bill and I will check it. Then he starts rambling on about nothing. After he left  I checked my bills that I payed  him. I already paid him for October clean up. He was trying to rip me off. I am sick of him anyway but this time He's fired. I hate people who try and take advantage of people.  There are to many other gardeners in the area that I could use to do the job he does for the same price. Or I will go back to doing it myself and my labor was free.

2nd Fired my rental home handyman. I call him up and tell him that the roof he fixed was leaking and could he fix it. He tells me that it should not be leaking and that I should coat my roof. Which he will gladly do for $3000. I tell him fix his work first and we will see. Then here come the excuses of why he can not do it right away. So I am going with a professional roofer and I am out the $350 I paid the repair guy to fix the roof the first time. He also missed out because I had more work for him to do but not anymore.

It's makes it hard for a Sista to get help now a days all they want to do is take your money and do nothing for it. They got the right one with me  I need my money I count my pennies and watch it like a hawk.

                                                               So that's my story what do you think?

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Can't Go Back Again

 Hello all  well here's the story for the week. I realized that I can not go back home again. I mean back to my childhood life. I was entertaining the thought a couple of weeks  ago that if I needed to I could go back to the house I grew up in since I am renting it out at the moment. But I took a drive  around my old neighborhood yesterday. The area has changed so much I don't want to go back. Long gone are the friends I use to hang out with replaced with new people and McMansion.  The new people  have taken  my  quite little community and made it crazy  with over building, not enough places to park, crazy stuff.   In that moment I  realized  it's time for me to move on to. I had moved on  I just
 thought I could go back ..

 I am mad   that  got a ticket in the mail yesterday for $25. It was a sanitation ticket that belonged to my tenant. She did not do the garbage right. which resulted in a ticket for me which she will be paying. In new York sanitation is no joke it's all  about money with them. They will look in your garbage cans on the curb and try to find anything just to give you a ticket.

                                So that's my story this week What do you think?

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

I Am Done!

 Hello all well here's the story for this week. I am DONE!!  messing with 1800 flowers. First Mothers Day is this Sunday and I wanted to order my mother and my aunt a fruit candy basket for Mother Day.  Since I get all these discounts in my e mail from them like 20-25% off , Free shipping and no service  fee . I say what the heck it will save me money and I will get something nice for my mother and my aunt...

Now here's the pissed off part it took me 1 1/2 hours just to place the orders because the people who work for the company don't understand to well.  Once my orders are  placed I try and apply my discounts to them. 1800 flowers tells me I could not because they have expired. I told the women on the phone how can they be expired when it says for Mother Day which is not here yet and I just got the emails  today!  She told me that she would give me credit for the shipping but I could not use the 25% off coupon. Fine.

My total bill came to $135.00 for the two items. Which I know it's kinda pricey but hey I am ordering pears,  candy and other  fancy food stuff in a nice basket at $65.00 each. Anyway when I looked at the confirmation  for my order  one of the places  I was sending a basket to  has the wrong address was  I was Hot by then..

 This is what I wanted to do to  1800 flowers by now. I called the company back and  told them the problem.  They gave me   such the run around. They had me called Fed Ex so I can fixed the problem myself. They told me to do a whole bunch of crazy stuff to fix a problem they did.  I told them that  if my items are not delivered on time and in the right way. They will be hearing from my lawyer on this one and  I will report them to better business bureau and Yelp. Never again will I use or recommend this company. They suck! 

                                                  So that's my story what do you think?

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Happy May

                                               Wishing Everyone a Safe & Happy May

                                                        So What Do You Think?

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Losing It!!

Hello all well here's the story for the week.. I am losing it, My hair that is . I am on a medication that I did not realize  one of the side effects is hair loss. My hair start getting shorter and shorter no matter what I did to it treatment wise. So I just said Freak it. I have to take this medication for my heath. So I  will   just  start wearing  wigs from now on. I saw one wig that I am going to get that had such soft hair. I was  feeling it all over with my hands  like it was mink. The sales lady was looking at me like I was crazy but it was so soft I couldn't help myself. At least with wigs which will cost me about $20 bucks a wig. I can be a different person when I put it on. Almost like playing pretend.  The only problem with wearing a wig is in the summer you sweat your butt off because the wig is hot to wear. It's  like your wearing a hat in the summer heat.

I am trying this one more time to get down to Atlantic City to visit family. Seems like every time I try and get there something  come  up. Which makes me cancel my trip. Wish me luck Trying to get there again. I use to love going to A.C. now I just go for family. Gambling is starting to play a back sit in my life I am more on the I like to cruise level then I like to gamble level now.

Well that's my story for the week. What do you think?

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Holiday

                           Wishing Everyone a safe and happy Holiday. Which everyone you celebrate