Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Hello Everyone. Happy Halloween, I know I am early but hey better early then never right! So here's the story for this week. I almost missed out on a $525 saving from my car insurance. When we went to pay the bill our insurance agent told us that our good driving certificate had expired. So we have to take the class again in order to keep the $525 good driving credit on our insurance. My partners said forget it but I talked him into doing the 2 hour class. So that we could get the $525 credit. That's money we can not afford to lose since our car insurance is high because we live in New York, so guess what we will be in class in November for the safety driving credit.

 Also I see that the drug stores are now offering 33% off of their Halloween items they are trying to make room for Thanksgiving and Christmas merchandise. The candy is still not cheap I saw  they were selling bags of candy for $2.75. I will wait until after Halloween for all the goodies to go on sale at 75% off.

 I am trying to make  money for the holidays by developing a niche site regarding coins.( this would be my $20 business challenge) I am taking e bay up on their offer of listing 5 things for free with no listing cost or e bay fees. If I sell anything on e bay the only fee I would have pay would be the paypal fee that works for me. I am also trying to list more items for the holiday in my bonanza store. So yea I am trying to get my making money hustle on.  
                                          So that's my story what do you think?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Good afternoon. Well here's the story for today... Bad weather it's rainy and cold today. I think winter is coming soon to  New York. Nothing special for Halloween.I wait until after Halloween is over to stock up on the 50-75% off candy sales-- Like I need candy!  Nothing really special to add. I wanted to update you on the Coin Investment Challenge and  Lotto Win/Lose Challenge

I am still doing both. So far I have about $10 more dollars in coins that I have
to find so  I can sent Kellogg $50 bucks for my next stock purchase. I could send them $25 but to me $50 is better. that way I can purchase 2 share of stock instead of one. I was happy yesterday I found 10 cents in the street. I love when I find money I get one step closer to buying  more stock. Also my other challenge Lotto Win/ Lose is still going strong to. I am putting more money in to the lose jar then the win for now anyway.

I am thinking of doing another challenge for November It's starting a business on $20 bucks or  finding a niche market that I can do for cheap. I am still in the planning stages. So what do you think?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Kelloggs News

Image result for kellogg'sImage result for kellogg's Image result for kellogg's

 Hey Everyone this article is talking about the stock Kelloggs that I am purchasing with my coins.( Coin Investment Challenge) Maybe if Kelloggs buys Diamond the stock will go up. Hopefully!

Kellogg nears $1B merger with snack maker Diamond Foods

 With sales of breakfast cereal continually soggy, Kellogg Co. is in late-stage talks with snack maker Diamond Foods about acquiring the $1 billion company, The Post has learned.
If the talks result in a deal, Kellogg, whose cereal lineup includes Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops and Rice Krispies, would further transition toward snack foods.
A price would be more than $1.5 billion, sources said, or $35 to $40 a share.
“Kellogg is somewhere between aggressive and desperate to use mergers to try to evolve its business away from breakfast cereal,” a source close to the situation said, adding that Kellogg has been Diamond’s most aggressive suitor.

Diamond, whose stable of brands includes Kettle potato chips, Emerald nuts and Pop Secret popcorn, put itself on the block earlier this year and last week asked for final bids.
“It is tough to handicap if Kellogg won,” a second source with direct knowledge of the situation said.
The Battle Creek, Michigan, outfit may be the only suitor for all of Diamond, sources said, and may have offered less — perhaps much less — than $40 a share.
Diamond closed Thursday at $32.83, up 2.2 percent. Shares are up 16 percent for the year.
The company may only be willing to sell at a significant premium, sources close to the situation said.
In the US, breakfast foods now represent a little more than 20 percent of Kellogg’s net sales — with snacks being a slightly larger category.

Kellogg in 2012 bought Pringles from Procter & Gamble.
US cold cereal sales in the four weeks that ended Oct. 4 were flat compared to the same period a year earlier, according to data collector IRI.
In 2014, cereal sales took a 4 percent hit compared with 2013 results, IRI data indicate.
Diamond reported that in the full year ended July 31, snack sales were up 10 percent.
Kellogg and Diamond declined comment.

                                                          So What Do You Think?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Love Yard Sales

Good Evening Family. Here's my story for today. I love yard sales/flea markets. But when I  go I always do it with a list of where I want to go  and 20 bucks.  I know I am limited in what I can buy because I only have $20 so I have to be selective because I buy to resale. I have been buying a lot of Xbox games, books, and games in packages like scrabble, clue etc,

This is one of the ways that I try and make extra money. Since the yard sale season is coming to an end soon, New York is getting cold. I have to be even more selective and hope that I get the right things at the right price so that I can make some money  with it.

 I have found that the good stuff when it comes to yard sales I don't see anymore. Not like 5 years ago I use to get great items at rock bottom prices, but now I see a lot of junk stuff. So what do you do to make extra money and mostly what do you think?

Friday, October 23, 2015

I Am Wanted!

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 Hello Everyone. How are you? Here's My story for today. I am wanted by Sears..Here's the letter they sent me.               
                                                       Good Afternoon,

  Sears is currently hiring for various positions.  We have reviewed an application that you     have previously submitted and would like to invite you to join us next week for an upcoming hiring event. Please feel free to log back into your account to update your information and complete the assessment.  Or stop by one of our stores on Tuesday 10/27/15 for an on-site interview. Thank you for your interest in an employment opportunity with Sears.

                                                             Thank you,
                                               Market HR Manager – New York
                                                         Northeast Region

I know it's a general letter that they send to everyone with an interest in working for their company. But I still felt special when I read it. Then the bomb came down on me which was my partner. He told me let's figure your Sears paycheck out. I hate when he say's that. He pointed out to me that if I work 25 hours at a pay rate of $8.25 an hour. I would make  $206. before taxes . Take $75 of my weekly check fro estimated taxes I would then bring home about $131.25. Now let's take  gas money out  $20 for the week. Lunch  money I would bring my own but I have to buy the things to make the lunch with $20 . Now I have $91.25  left over after all the expense that I have to take from my check.. But there is more I need my hair done cost $20 and clothing for work I already have. Sears wants you to wear black and white all day everyday. So after all my expenses I have about $71 from a $206 dollar weekly check.

My partner suggested that I find something to sell on e bay or bonanza that would make me $71 weekly. I hate to admit it but he is right. After all my basic needs come out of my Sears check there is not to much left over.                                            So what do you think?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Canada Trip Pictures

Hello Everyone. Just wanted to share with you some of my Canada Pictures. The first picture you see is the ship leaving New York City on It's way to Canada.  The Second Picture is of an  indoor  market that they have in Canada. This  market has fruits, hot food and other stuff that you would buy  mostly to place inside your home. It was cute it was more food market then really anything else. So what do you think?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Starting A Meet-Up

Good Evening Everyone. Here's my story so far. I am trying to create a meet-up group on the cheap. In my area there are no meet-up groups that cater to the living frugal/thrifty/cheapskates like myself. So I am in the process of creating one I know  I can't  be the only person living  in Queens that is a cheapskate/frugal person. Can I be?  So the process is just starting for me I found a place Panera Bread which has a meeting room for free-Yea! All I have to do is guarantee 12 people which that should be easy to do right? They have a nice meeting I saw it the last time I was there. This place is close to where I live and it has plenty of parking for the people who attend the meeting. The space will be reserved for me the times are either 7-11 am or 7-9 pm. I am looking at the 7-9 pm It makes it easy for people to come after work.
I am offering the attendees refreshments(small coffee) and a raffle prize(?) for this first meeting. I have always wanted to do a meet up group. To do one on the site. it would cost me over $100 for the year just to start a group like this.  My way will be  much cheaper. I will let you know how it turns out.
                                                     So what do you think?  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

To Cold....

Good Evening Everyone. It's cold outside  here in New York It's about 30 degrees tonight. My question is what happen to the fall weather where we get 50 degree or higher.  I am so cold right now but I will not turn up my heat until it gets really cold why..... Because my oil cost me $700 a month and it only last me for 2-3 months that's why.  I have to ration out my usage of my oil so that it could carry me for longer then 3 months. So that's why I bundle up and refuse to put on any heat until it's really necessary. Hey being cold hasn't hurt anybody yet right?

This weekend was my community organization Wine and Cheese Party that was free and I missed. I  hate when I miss free stuff. And not only was this event free it was on the corner of where I live. So how perfect was that a free event and the traveling was less then five minutes from my house. Our community organization  in my neighborhood has several events.  So that the people who live here can get to know  each other. Also the organization can get everybody in one place so they can  harass you  for the $25 yearly dues which they say go toward services for the community upkeep.
                                                               So what do you think? 


Friday, October 16, 2015

McDonald Rip Off..

Good Evening Everyone. So here,s the week in review. First I have been on the no spending money fast since Sunday Oct 11. I can not say not spending money is easy but it's not. I did not give in to my temptations when it came to  buying lottery tickets and eating out which I like to do. I also did not spend any money on my investments which I  like to do. So far I find that not spending unnecessary  money for the week is the something that I have been doing since I left my job.  So this challenge is not has exciting as I though it would be.

The cost of home repair is killing me. I had to spend money on housing upkeep for my rental because my lazy a** tenant don't believe in doing yards. I also had to get my rental  house ready for the winter months. All of this is cost me $900. Thank god I have my rental income to use for this kinda situation. My partner and I did a lot of the work that needed to be done , but we have a handy man that we have to pay for his help as well.. Overall the work was all done but it was a extra cost to me that I hated to spend money for.

McDonald is a RIP RIP Off. Here's why I say that my partner wanted a  breakfast sandwich and I had a coupon buy one get one free. The sandwich cost $3.75 which normally it would have cost $2.50. That's $1.25 more.  I had to look at the receipt twice to make sure I was not over charged for one sandwich. Since you get one free sandwich with a coupon  McDonald is charging you $1.25 for the extra sandwich which to me  that's not free! I am kissing McDonald's and their coupons goodbye...
                                                  So that's my story what do you think?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thank You Insurance!!!

                                              Image result for medical insurance

Good evening everyone. Well here's the story for today. Thank you Medical Insurance!!! here's why I say that. My partner got a medical statement in the mail today from his medical insurance company. He had a medical test done ordered by his doctor and the test bill came in. That baby was $5000. for a 20 minute test. Thank god our medical insurance payed that bill because if I had to I would still be crying now. It cost a lot of money to be sick nowadays. If you don't have enough medical insurance you could wipe out your saving account with  one big medical bill. I am all for living in Canada they have  universal medical coverage for their citizens. Canada  pays  all of their  citizens  medical expenses with the sales taxes that they charge which happen to be 15%.  In Canada your responsible for your own  Dental Expenses. But  who cares you  can probably  find  inexpensive dental coverage in Canada. The main thing is the medical expenses as long as they cover  me  I am good. 
I think that the U.S should boost our sales tax so  they could use that extra sales tax money to cover our medical expenses. What do you think?

Saturday, October 10, 2015

I Fogot To Tell You......

Good Evening Everyone. Here's the story for today 1st. I forgot to tell you in regarding to the Coin Investing Challenge I said that I only found Kellogg's to use for the challenge when it came to cheap start up and cheap investing for my coins. I forget that you can also use General Electric(GE) for your coin challenge. They offer a direct investment program that allows you to open an  account with $250.00. After your account is open,you can  then purchase stock from them for as little as $10. I already have this stock so that's why I had forgotten about it. Warning they  charge a $1 fee everytime you deposit into your account. But hey for $250.00 start up and $10 a month that's still cheap to start investing in my book. You would have to call the company and speak to their share services department to see how you would get started if your interested. Think of it this way, what are you doing with your coins now? Might as well invest them in something that will make you money in the long run. That's just my opinion.

2nd I am sad that I can not take my Holiday job at Sears .......Because of medical issues that would prevent me standing on my feet for long periods of time. Man I hate that because I could have used the money. Oh well I guess I have to push my other things like my bonanza store, fivvers, selling my Tee shirts , Surveys, Mystery shopping harder to make extra $$. Got any money making suggestions?? 

Lastly October has become an expensive month for me so far. Between my bathroom and kitchen  sink needing repair I am looking at spending $150 bucks for just parts. Thank god my partner knows plumbing. Or I would be really crazy with what a plumber would cost me to do these repairs. Oh well How's your weekend going and most importantly what do you think?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Money Fasting.....

Good Morning Everyone. I have been reading about this Money Fasting Thing for a while. I realized that I really need to be super frugal since my money situation is hit and miss. More miss then hit. So I think I am going to go on the money fast from Oct 11-18. That means I will not be spending any money for the week. I needed to challenge myself to see how I can live and enjoy my life with as little money as possible. I have come to realized that for the past couple of weeks I have spend way to much money on my housing situation, food, take out dinners, trips, lotteries. new clothes and other misc junk that I did not need. So that's why I need to fast to cleanse my soul of all this foolish spending. I will keep you posted on how it went. So what do you think?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Coin Investment Update

Good Evening Everyone. Well I just wanted to update you on the coin investment challenge that I started a few months back. Here is my 2nd payment of $25  as you can see underlined. I manged to collect $25 in coins and what I did was take it to my bank. Deposited the coins after I rolled them up of course  into my checking account Then I wrote Kellogg's a checks for more stock. I will confess that trying to get $25 in coins takes work. I returned bottles, used coupons, used lotto wins, found coins in the street. believe me everywhere I walked  I was always  looking down for lost coins.  So far I have 1 full share of stock in Kellogg's that's OK I am not trying to do this fast  I am trying to show you that with  a little bit of money  you  can invest  in  good companies for your future. So what do you think?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Got A Job!

                                           Image result for sears holiday  jobs      

Happy October Everyone. I wanted to wait and think about it first before I said anything. But before I left on my trip I got a job at Sears for the Holidays. I will be working as a  part-time cashier close to my home. I have to call the women who I interviewed with when I got back from vacation. So she could put me in training. My partner is not to happy with me working since I have all these getting old ailments. He prefers that I find something that I can do from home to make extra money. I have been out of work for 1 year( my choice) and I am ready to get back to work again. At least part time anyways. So I am back from vacation and I just might call Sears  Monday to tell the head cashier to put me in training. Oh the pay is $8.50 an hour. also the cashiers must push the sears credit card there is a quota,  if you don't make your credit card quota they will let you go. But I am up to the credit card challenge. Hey that extra $212.50 before taxes might come in handy. I will let you know how it goes. So what do you think?

Joke Trip !

Hello Everyone. I am back from my trip from Heck! Here's my story for today. I went on a cruse out of New York To Canada on princess cruses. We paid $3000 for 2 people for a stateroom with a balcony. Believe me that was the cheapest we could get because our view was obstructed.I could see pretty much everything from my balcony so the obstruction was not bad at all. Well Princess Cruses Suck and that's bring nice. Our room was small, the bed was small, the bathroom was a closet. You had to keep the door open when you used the bathroom if you had a fear of closed in spaces. The food on the ship was luke warm  nothing was ever hot hot. The staff 89% of them did not understand English so it was hard to ask them questions without it taking an hour to get an answer. Everything on that ship cost money, money, money.
I paid for 5 ports and we only went to 3 because of the bad weather. So I lost money on this cruse big time. The cruse line  didn't  offer us any compensation  because we missed out on 2 ports. They said the weather would not allow us to get near Maine or Rhode Island. these are the ports that I was looking forward to the most and we skipped them.  This cruse line could care less about their passengers. Never again would I use Princess Cruses to go anywhere. Lastly when i got my bill for the expenses on the trip they gave us a credit of $8 because we missed those two ports. Really I think I paid more then $8 to go to these ports.  

The best part of the trip was we  met some nice people  had some good laughs and conversations. They to hated this ship and these are senior cruisers. People who been cruising to 10-30 years. So you would think that they know their ships and how a ship should treat their passengers. As far as spending  I spent most of my money in the ships casino because I was bored. I spent like $400 for the week on gambling. A lot of other people spent much more on gambling and drinking. The drinks on the ship were $8-15 depending on what you wanted. The ships shows were like a bad  high school production.They were horrible.

The only good thing on this cruise was the desserts. I am a sweetaholic and I love a good dessert thank god this ship did not disappoint.  I am back from my Canada Cruse thank god and it's on to the next trip. Hello Vegas!  So what do you think?