Friday, October 16, 2015

McDonald Rip Off..

Good Evening Everyone. So here,s the week in review. First I have been on the no spending money fast since Sunday Oct 11. I can not say not spending money is easy but it's not. I did not give in to my temptations when it came to  buying lottery tickets and eating out which I like to do. I also did not spend any money on my investments which I  like to do. So far I find that not spending unnecessary  money for the week is the something that I have been doing since I left my job.  So this challenge is not has exciting as I though it would be.

The cost of home repair is killing me. I had to spend money on housing upkeep for my rental because my lazy a** tenant don't believe in doing yards. I also had to get my rental  house ready for the winter months. All of this is cost me $900. Thank god I have my rental income to use for this kinda situation. My partner and I did a lot of the work that needed to be done , but we have a handy man that we have to pay for his help as well.. Overall the work was all done but it was a extra cost to me that I hated to spend money for.

McDonald is a RIP RIP Off. Here's why I say that my partner wanted a  breakfast sandwich and I had a coupon buy one get one free. The sandwich cost $3.75 which normally it would have cost $2.50. That's $1.25 more.  I had to look at the receipt twice to make sure I was not over charged for one sandwich. Since you get one free sandwich with a coupon  McDonald is charging you $1.25 for the extra sandwich which to me  that's not free! I am kissing McDonald's and their coupons goodbye...
                                                  So that's my story what do you think?

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