Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Coin Investment Update

Good Evening Everyone. Well I just wanted to update you on the coin investment challenge that I started a few months back. Here is my 2nd payment of $25  as you can see underlined. I manged to collect $25 in coins and what I did was take it to my bank. Deposited the coins after I rolled them up of course  into my checking account Then I wrote Kellogg's a checks for more stock. I will confess that trying to get $25 in coins takes work. I returned bottles, used coupons, used lotto wins, found coins in the street. believe me everywhere I walked  I was always  looking down for lost coins.  So far I have 1 full share of stock in Kellogg's that's OK I am not trying to do this fast  I am trying to show you that with  a little bit of money  you  can invest  in  good companies for your future. So what do you think?

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