Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Starting A Meet-Up

Good Evening Everyone. Here's my story so far. I am trying to create a meet-up group on the cheap. In my area there are no meet-up groups that cater to the living frugal/thrifty/cheapskates like myself. So I am in the process of creating one I know  I can't  be the only person living  in Queens that is a cheapskate/frugal person. Can I be?  So the process is just starting for me I found a place Panera Bread which has a meeting room for free-Yea! All I have to do is guarantee 12 people which that should be easy to do right? They have a nice meeting I saw it the last time I was there. This place is close to where I live and it has plenty of parking for the people who attend the meeting. The space will be reserved for me the times are either 7-11 am or 7-9 pm. I am looking at the 7-9 pm It makes it easy for people to come after work.
I am offering the attendees refreshments(small coffee) and a raffle prize(?) for this first meeting. I have always wanted to do a meet up group. To do one on the meet-up.com site. it would cost me over $100 for the year just to start a group like this.  My way will be  much cheaper. I will let you know how it turns out.
                                                     So what do you think?  

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