Saturday, October 10, 2015

I Fogot To Tell You......

Good Evening Everyone. Here's the story for today 1st. I forgot to tell you in regarding to the Coin Investing Challenge I said that I only found Kellogg's to use for the challenge when it came to cheap start up and cheap investing for my coins. I forget that you can also use General Electric(GE) for your coin challenge. They offer a direct investment program that allows you to open an  account with $250.00. After your account is open,you can  then purchase stock from them for as little as $10. I already have this stock so that's why I had forgotten about it. Warning they  charge a $1 fee everytime you deposit into your account. But hey for $250.00 start up and $10 a month that's still cheap to start investing in my book. You would have to call the company and speak to their share services department to see how you would get started if your interested. Think of it this way, what are you doing with your coins now? Might as well invest them in something that will make you money in the long run. That's just my opinion.

2nd I am sad that I can not take my Holiday job at Sears .......Because of medical issues that would prevent me standing on my feet for long periods of time. Man I hate that because I could have used the money. Oh well I guess I have to push my other things like my bonanza store, fivvers, selling my Tee shirts , Surveys, Mystery shopping harder to make extra $$. Got any money making suggestions?? 

Lastly October has become an expensive month for me so far. Between my bathroom and kitchen  sink needing repair I am looking at spending $150 bucks for just parts. Thank god my partner knows plumbing. Or I would be really crazy with what a plumber would cost me to do these repairs. Oh well How's your weekend going and most importantly what do you think?

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