Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thank You Insurance!!!

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Good evening everyone. Well here's the story for today. Thank you Medical Insurance!!! here's why I say that. My partner got a medical statement in the mail today from his medical insurance company. He had a medical test done ordered by his doctor and the test bill came in. That baby was $5000. for a 20 minute test. Thank god our medical insurance payed that bill because if I had to I would still be crying now. It cost a lot of money to be sick nowadays. If you don't have enough medical insurance you could wipe out your saving account with  one big medical bill. I am all for living in Canada they have  universal medical coverage for their citizens. Canada  pays  all of their  citizens  medical expenses with the sales taxes that they charge which happen to be 15%.  In Canada your responsible for your own  Dental Expenses. But  who cares you  can probably  find  inexpensive dental coverage in Canada. The main thing is the medical expenses as long as they cover  me  I am good. 
I think that the U.S should boost our sales tax so  they could use that extra sales tax money to cover our medical expenses. What do you think?

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