Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Hello Everyone. Happy Halloween, I know I am early but hey better early then never right! So here's the story for this week. I almost missed out on a $525 saving from my car insurance. When we went to pay the bill our insurance agent told us that our good driving certificate had expired. So we have to take the class again in order to keep the $525 good driving credit on our insurance. My partners said forget it but I talked him into doing the 2 hour class. So that we could get the $525 credit. That's money we can not afford to lose since our car insurance is high because we live in New York, so guess what we will be in class in November for the safety driving credit.

 Also I see that the drug stores are now offering 33% off of their Halloween items they are trying to make room for Thanksgiving and Christmas merchandise. The candy is still not cheap I saw  they were selling bags of candy for $2.75. I will wait until after Halloween for all the goodies to go on sale at 75% off.

 I am trying to make  money for the holidays by developing a niche site regarding coins.( this would be my $20 business challenge) I am taking e bay up on their offer of listing 5 things for free with no listing cost or e bay fees. If I sell anything on e bay the only fee I would have pay would be the paypal fee that works for me. I am also trying to list more items for the holiday in my bonanza store. So yea I am trying to get my making money hustle on.  
                                          So that's my story what do you think?

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