Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This Song Right Here.....


                          Has been in my head for 3 days now. I love this song. So what do you think?

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Hello everyone, Well here's the story for the week, Friday was my birthday and you would think that I would spend it celebrating and enjoying a nice cake. But no I was on a line waiting to get into an estate sale. Why you ask because the estate sale was close to where I live and they offered some stuff that I just wanted to see like old comic books and board games. I thought it would be a fun adventure but the joke was on me. First it was 90 degrees inside the house felt like 110 with no air. You had about 50 people in a small house  that could comfortable fit 5 or less  So everybody in the house  was doing the excuse me dance or the bump. It as crazy. I was sweating and cursing all at once because of the crowd and  craziness inside the house with re sellers and personal shoppers. I spent 3 hours in that house with my partner and yes we got some decent stuff but you should have seen what it took for us to get it.
After all was said and done we got some groceries and went home we were to hot, tired and aggravated to do anything else. Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Hello all, well here's the story for the week so far. I am doing a happy dance today. I not only woke up this morning but I got a check that was unexpected. So you know I am happy. Also I went to Omaha Steak company with a coupon for 10 food items like steaks, franks, hamburgers, desert all for $49.99 that was a great deal since my mother brags about how good these steaks and hamburgers from this company is. When the sales women started staking all the meat boxes on the counter my partners eyes almost fell out of his face.  He said we are getting all of this meat for how much!!! He was in shock.

Also I did a mystery shop this week that will pay me $40 bucks for half hour of my time. Yea. I love when a mystery shopping company gets desperate and pays high prices for a shopper to do a quick shop. I hope this money week getting continues. So that's the story so far I am still doing my happy dance So what do you think?

Saturday, June 10, 2017


 Hello Everyone, Here's the story for today. Well you know it's yard sale season and I am out there like the rest of them hunting for stuff. Well I came across a guy who was selling a game system that I wanted. He wanted $15 for the system with one game and no cord.I told him that I would give him $8 since I had to buy a cord for it which would have cost me about $10 bucks. We settled on $10 if he could find the cord.

Here's the really part..... He went into the house did something and when he came back out of the house. He tells me he  now wants $15 for the system without the cord and then he stated that he did not know if he wanted to sell it. Really???. We made a deal before you went into the house and like that you inside  probably looked it up on ebay and changed your mind!!

I was pissed  when he told me that , then I thought about that it for a moment. I said ok and left.I will keep my money in my pocket. I am not worried about it there is a game like that with my name on it and I will find it out there some where. So What do you think?