Monday, August 29, 2016


Hello Everyone and Happy Monday. well here's the story so far. I am walking to lose some weight. So far for the month of August I have walked  20 days at an average of 3 miles a day. Not bad right. I am doing this for  2 reasons.
 Reason 1 is that I am a diabetic and I need to lose the weight so that my numbers go down and I don't have to take so many insulin shots. Can I tell you I hate testing my blood levels and taking shots.
 Reason 2 is that I am  doing a Christmas cruise and I need to enjoy my cruise and not feel guilty about what I eat. Because I will be eating a whole lot. Hey it's 10 days of non stop eating, relaxing and  enjoying the sea and I need to be ready and in shape for it.

Also I am trying as you know to make money anyway I can, But you already know this. I am also trying to make sure that my pensions , social security and my financial life stays in order so when I am easy to collect  which will be when I am 62 I will have no problems. Know what I mean?

Other then that I am trying to downsize and be responsible for the things that I do, But mostly I am focusing on getting rid of my junk so that I can lead a simpler life, want some free  junk?

                                                             So what do you think?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saving a Buck!

 Hello Everyone . This is my story for today. I love to save money. I am a cheapskate. To save a buck or two I have started doing my own yard work.( I fired my gardener he was to expensive and his work was terrible). So for 1/3 of the price  I work my butt off sweat like heck and get the yard work done. It's good exercise for me and I save a buck or two. It's a win win. So what do you think?

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Hello Everyone, well here's my story so far. You must and I mean Must have insurance. I just got a statement from my insurance company stating  this is what my monthly drugs would be costing me if I did not have insurance to pay for them. $2080.39 a month. But thank god for insurance because I only paid $96.71 and my insurance paid the rest $1983.68.

Think about it for a minute if your like me and need medications on a monthly and you had no insurance it would cost you around $24,000. a year  just for medication if not more. That's way to expensive for medication. But if you need to take certain medication to stay alive what can you do?
That's why I am saying that you need medial  insurance alone I could not afford to pay for this type of medication without it. Without the insurance I would have to choose what medication i could afford to take. And no one should ever be put in that kinda position.

I finally found a washing machine that is cheap enough for me to purchase. ( it's for my rental home remember) It will cost $360  with tax, insulation, new hoses and taking away my old machine the total bill should be $400. That's the cheapest I can get a machine for and this is not a fancy machine it's the cheapest and the most basic of washing machines. Nothing fancy for a rental. 

So that's my story so far, what do you think?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Coffee Cost This Much!!!

Hello Everyone, Well here's my story so far. It's in my favor. Meaning that yesterday I went food shopping and I got a can of coffee that was suppose to be $6.99 for this size can of coffee. But when I checked my receipt I notice I was charged $12.99 for the coffee. Instead of the $6.99.It always pays to check your register receipts.  After finding the error  I went to the service desk at the grocery store and the clerking working the desk  found a  bigger error then I did. She saw that they did not charge me $12.99 for the coffee  they really charge me $24.99! I was not mad but glad that this women caught this big error.

So I ended up getting 2 cans of coffee for $6.99 and a $5 coupon to use toward my next grocery store purchase. Because the store made such a big error their policy  is when we error  the customers benefit from it. See how it pays to always check your register receipts because sometimes things come out in your favor. So what do you think?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Happy Sunday!

Hello Everyone, Well this is my Story for the weekend. It's been hot and I have been lazy. Nothing really special to report. Did I mention that my tenant keeps calling me  about  when she's getting a new washing machine. I told her I was in the process of looking for one. I thought to myself there is no where in her lease that states  I owe her a washing machine if I choose not to buy one. But I will I just need the price to be under $200. The lowest I can get a washing machine for is $400 and that includes delivery and them taking my old machine away. I hate paying that much but I have no other choice. Appliances are expensive.

On to other things I can not believe that it's back to school time already, glad I don't have to deal with that because if I did I know just where to go. I would go to Walmart and stores that are going out of business if I had to buy clothing and stuff for my children. I also would shop my local thrift and good will stores for some of the things that they might need. Hey don't knock good will  or thrift stores. I have seen some pretty nice stuff in them and some of that stuff was brand new and cheap.

That's about all  for right now I am just focusing on losing weight before December gets here and making money. Oh I got a $75 check from a mystery shopping company that I  worked for last month. I was happy about that . As you know I am always looking for ways to make a buck. 
                                                              So what do you think?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Three Times!!!

 Hello Everyone, well here's the story for the week. I finally got an interview with Sears. I went yesterday. The interviewer was very nice, she told me about the job. It was in the appliances dept selling refrigerators, washing machines, vacuums , stoves etc. This was a commission department that also payed a basis salary of $200 every two weeks , Nice right.....  I could have taken the job but...... There were a few things that just did not sit right with me. First they expect you to make at least 1-2 sales for the month. They also wanted you to push their warranties and credit cards on people. That way this gave you more commission. They wanted  you to follow up with people if they did not buy from you on the first day. They wanted you to work various shifts and sell sell sell. I listen to the interviewer and all I heard was muti-level marketing. Meaning that you sell a product for a commission with a bases pay.

I told the interviewer that I will be on vacation in December she told me if I get the job she could not approve my vacation. I thanked her and say no thanks to the job. I need a vacation more then I need to sell appliances. Oh well this is the third time I have interview with Sears and the songs  are  still the same.  So I will be moving on to look for another kind of  part-time job outside of Sears  after I come back from vacation in December of course. So what do you think?