Monday, March 27, 2017

Retirement Scary Thoughts

Good Morning Everyone, well Here's my story so far. I was made aware that I have been out of work for 3 years. Wow times goes fast when your not rushing to a 9-5 everyday. Anyway I realized that since I out  of work what will my retirement look like when I get 62 or older. It was scary to think about. Thank God I had the hindsight to save money when I worked for the city. I also invested a lot of my part-time job income when I was working 2 jobs which I had done for many years but still.... I worry because medical bills, prescription and I take a lot of them can eat up savings, housing costs and basic living can to. I am not trying to depend on just my saving and pension when I retire, because once I add my pension, social security for the month up. I am luck if I get $2000 a month. That's why I worry. Retirement can be a scary and yes I can work part time but my diabetes limits me to standing for  long periods of time. So I am limited when it comes to findings a job. Right now I am looking into to every corner and crack for ways that I can make money for my retirement because when I am 62 my life should not be based on the funds that I have don't have coming in.
                                                               So what do you think?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Darn Uncle!!

Hello Everyone, well here's my story for the week. My uncle Sam did not want me he wanted my money!! Yes I got my taxes done this week and I just knew I was getting a nice check from my Uncle Sam. Well he fooled me I am paying him. So no Uncle Sam did not want me it was my money he wanted.

Speaking of taxes once I got my taxes done I  told my partner that I needed a part-time job and he stated that that job would throw us into a higher tax bracket which means we pay more taxes. I thought about it and he was right I hate paying taxes. So for now I have to stick with my mystery shopping and  other things that I can find to make a quick buck or two on.

The Spring has sprung and now I am ready to get out and do me which means losing weight and walking. I can't wait until it gets warmer it's 20 degrees outside now some springtime New York is having. Oh well that's my story for today. So what do you think?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Stock Junkie....

Hello Everyone, well here's the story for the week. Thank god the snow is melting. I mean I like snow but not when I have to shovel it a couple days before it's officially spring. Every time I shovel snow I keep telling myself " I am outta New York"! If  you have shoveled as many years as I have it's gets old real fast.

I have come to realized that I'm addicted to stock buying. I rather buy stocks in a company then used that money to buy a dress or some shoes. I know I am crazy right? Since stocks you can't wear like clothes or shoes. And  people can't tell you how cute these shoes are or how nice that dress looks on you. But you can show stocks off in another way. You can tell people that you purchased this stock at this price and now it has gone up x amount of times since you have purchased it. That to me is better then any clothing item I can buy.

In other news it's been quite I saw some movies from the library the New Star Trek Movie and Poseidon Adventure the updated version. All from the library I love my library because all of their stuff is free!

Tax time. Monday is it for me I get my taxes done. I was not in a rush since I am officially a dependent and I don't get my individual taxes done anymore. It all goes joint and into one pot-Bummer  I liked getting a personal income tax refund. So what do you think?

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Cost!!

Good Morning Everyone, Happy Monday! Well if you did not hear let me tell you, here it is a week before Spring and New York  will be having a Major Snow Storm. Starts late  Monday night and it will go all day Tuesday. They are call the Snow Storm Sarah.. Well I am not much of a snow fan with all the shoveling and the wet cold stuff you have to step in.  Sarah has cost me a bit of money and she's not even here yet. Here my break down of my expenses for Sarah the snowstorm.

Groceries cost me $117. I had to make sure that I had enough at home to last me for 2-3 days in-case I can't get out of the house. So yea I panic and over spent in the food department.  RockSalt $20 for 2 bags. If you don't get them early you have to get them in the grocery store which is way more expensive then Home Depot.  Shovel $19.95 had to get a new one my last good one broke in the last snow storm. The reason this  shovel is expensive is that it's helps your back when your shoveling heavy snow.  Pack  of Batteries $10  for my flashlights and other emergency items I have that run on batteries. And lastly putting on the extra pounds because I purchase junk food to eat while I am waiting for the storm to pass so I can shovel it. That might not have cost me $$ but it's costing me in weight gain.

 So yes this snow storm is costing me in more ways then one. So what do you think?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

What A Week!

                                        Hello Everyone. Well Here's the story for the week.

Let's start off with I was minding my business at the local candy store, I was standing in front of the lotto machine trying to decide what to play. All of a sudden a transit bus operator and another guy gets into a argument  about who step in front of who. Well they argued for about 5 minutes right next to me.  At one point the transit operator got right up in the guys face and started pointing at him. I knew this argument would come to blows any minute now. So what I did was pull the transit guy away from the other guy and while walking him toward the back of the store. So he could cool down. I  told him it's not worth losing your good City job over.  Heck Transit Workers makes some good money in New York that is.

The transit guy calmed down and apologized to the people in the store, thanked me and left. You know that could have ended up a whole different way. I just thank god it didn't
Really when your dealing with foolish people and you know your lively hood could be taken away because of that foolish person. I say walk away it's not worth it. Glad the transit guy saw it my way. So that's my story what do you think?

Sunday, March 5, 2017

They Got Me!

Good Morning Everyone, Well here's my story for the week. They Got Me!!! Yes I went for it meaning that I purchase the stock Snap chat(Snap) yesterday. Why because my friend told me about it and she was so excited,  she got me excited to. So I looked  Snap Chat up it was selling for $17  a share but when I purchased it it was $27 a share, Yest it was expensive. Cheapskate me could only buy 5 shares plus with the  $19.00 commission. I bought in for $154.00 Dag that hurt  me money wise. So yea they got me.

Since I was on a stock buying roll I decided to have my Share Builders account  now CapitalOne Investing  take $160.00 from my checking account each month to purchase more stock in different companies that I have. I know what your saying that's a lot to invest when your not working? I know that's why I am busting my A$$ trying to find ways to make $5.75 cents a day which would equal $175 a month. That way that covers my monthly stock purchases plus I would have $12.50  left over for my online businesses.( e creator, speaker podcast, marketing) things like that.So yes I got carried away with buying but look at it like this it's something that will pay you back ten fold if your lucky. So what do you think?