Friday, March 17, 2017

Stock Junkie....

Hello Everyone, well here's the story for the week. Thank god the snow is melting. I mean I like snow but not when I have to shovel it a couple days before it's officially spring. Every time I shovel snow I keep telling myself " I am outta New York"! If  you have shoveled as many years as I have it's gets old real fast.

I have come to realized that I'm addicted to stock buying. I rather buy stocks in a company then used that money to buy a dress or some shoes. I know I am crazy right? Since stocks you can't wear like clothes or shoes. And  people can't tell you how cute these shoes are or how nice that dress looks on you. But you can show stocks off in another way. You can tell people that you purchased this stock at this price and now it has gone up x amount of times since you have purchased it. That to me is better then any clothing item I can buy.

In other news it's been quite I saw some movies from the library the New Star Trek Movie and Poseidon Adventure the updated version. All from the library I love my library because all of their stuff is free!

Tax time. Monday is it for me I get my taxes done. I was not in a rush since I am officially a dependent and I don't get my individual taxes done anymore. It all goes joint and into one pot-Bummer  I liked getting a personal income tax refund. So what do you think?

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