Thursday, March 9, 2017

What A Week!

                                        Hello Everyone. Well Here's the story for the week.

Let's start off with I was minding my business at the local candy store, I was standing in front of the lotto machine trying to decide what to play. All of a sudden a transit bus operator and another guy gets into a argument  about who step in front of who. Well they argued for about 5 minutes right next to me.  At one point the transit operator got right up in the guys face and started pointing at him. I knew this argument would come to blows any minute now. So what I did was pull the transit guy away from the other guy and while walking him toward the back of the store. So he could cool down. I  told him it's not worth losing your good City job over.  Heck Transit Workers makes some good money in New York that is.

The transit guy calmed down and apologized to the people in the store, thanked me and left. You know that could have ended up a whole different way. I just thank god it didn't
Really when your dealing with foolish people and you know your lively hood could be taken away because of that foolish person. I say walk away it's not worth it. Glad the transit guy saw it my way. So that's my story what do you think?

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