Monday, August 31, 2015


Good afternoon Everyone. It's finally here the statement from the stock that I purchased with coins. As you can see I am buying Kellogg's because we all eat cereal. The stock was the only one that I could find that  was a good company to buy into and it was cheap. $50 to start and $25 going forward to purchase more shares. I purchased my first not full share of the stock because the going price for a full share was $67. Maybe the next time I roll coins I will be buying a full share. The challenge for me is finding enough coins to roll and send to the stock company.  I am determined to find coins to invest and show you how easy you can invest with just the coins you find. Got any suggestions on where I can find coins?  I do take coin donations if you would like to donate them to me at ......( just kidding).Well that's my story for today. So what do you think?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yard Sale Saturday On A Budget


Good evening everyone. Today for me was Yard sale Saturday and   I just wanted to share with you how I prepare for my yard sailing adventures. First I look up  on Craigslist and  to  see what yard sales are in my areas and 10 miles beyond. Then I write it all down, I get my yard sale list, my cup of coffee and my $20 budget. When I have all of that I am off to the sales. Today was a good yard Sale Saturday for me. I got a lot of free stuff that I can resale. I also got another one of my Vivitar video camera this one is not has fancy as the first one I got  but it will work fine as back up video recorder. I also got other great stuff which I will show you later.

Altogether I came home with a car full of stuff mostly free. I did spend money today on a brand new Xbox game, my back up camera, some fun place mats and other cool stuff  which cost me  in total $8.  Just wanted to say hi and to share with you what happen to day. Enjoy your weekend. So what do you think?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Investing Challenge Update

 Hello Everyone. This just a quick update in  the Coin Investment Challenge. I managed to put $130.00 in the bank this week. I am still waiting on Kellogg's to send me my one share of stock that I purchased with my first $50 bucks. When I get it I will post it to let you see. I have already started collecting  more coins for my next $50 bucks  stock purchase .  With the $130 deposit  minus $65 that I sent the stock company already  I am still up $65.00. Which I will use to purchase more stock with at a later time. Maybe the next time I send them money it  might be $100 and not $50 since I already have the extra $65 in my checking account for them. This investing with coins is pretty cool.  So what do you think?

To Many Vacations......

                                                 Image result for broke vacations           

Good Evening Everyone. How are you? Here's my story for today. Vacations are expensive. But I still like to go on them. So here's what I am doing when it comes to vacations.

 Vacation #1 Atlantic City for Labor Day weekend. The room in Caesars Hotel and casino is complimentary they are giving me 4 nights free because I use to play a lot when I had a job. For food we bring our own  from home and we also look for discounted places to eat. Transportation it's only a 3 hour drive for us  with gas and tolls we spend about $60 bucks round trip . So free room, meals from home and gas money. This whole vacation should cost us about $200 and that's with gambling. I have free play coupons that adds up to $50 for the two of us and a buy one get one free buffet at an AC casino.

 Vacation #2 In September that last month I will be going on a  Princess cruise to Canada from New York for 7 days. The Cruise was pretty pricey we are spending $3500 for  a balcony room with a obstructed view no less.  A balcony room with out the obstruction is way to expensive for me. . We have our room,  food, entertainment in that price. Plus we got  $200 on board credit that will pay for tips and extras like a tour in Canada. The only spending money we might need is about $1200.00 for the both of us. I can not see Canada costing that much. Since I will not be spending much for family and friends, hopefully they will have a 99 cent store for the stuff that I want to bring back.

 Vacation #3 Vegas for the Holidays! We will be going in December. Jetblue Airlines  had a great sale on airfare and it was killing me not to take advantage of it. From New York to Vegas it was $179 one way and $210 Return. I got 5  days for free at  Ballys Las Vegas. I have to pay for the 2 extra days at $79 each day with taxes and resort fee we will be paying about $300 for the 7 days. The car that we will be using I have discount coupons for. Spending money will be no more then $2400.00 for the two of us. So with Airfare, Hotel and Car the cost of this trip should be around $1500. But the good part is that I won $1200 last year in Vegas that money will be used to off set the expenses of this new trip! So if you think about it this whole trip should only cost us about $300 in some odd dollars.  This is not including food money and gambling which for food we go to their supermarkets which are Cheap.... I love them. We also eat off the strip where the off strip casinos are cheaper when it comes to food and gambling.

 With all these trip coming up and me being a broke sister. It's time to put on my super cheap sister costume and  enjoy  my vacations while minding my money. I can do that! So what do you think?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Testing My Camera

Hello everyone. I am just testing my new ViVitar  small 620 HD pocket Camera the one that I got for $4. to see how it works. In the video I am talking about being a lotto winners. that's right I am a lotto winner. See for yourself!
                                                                So what do you think?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What A Waste!

Good Afternoon Everyone. Here's the story for today I am so wasteful money wise. The reason that I say this is because I had to do a load of laundry twice. These are the same clothes mind you. Why because I left the clothes in the dryer and they never dried so they ended up with that damp smell. This meant I had to wash them all over again. This was a waste of money and time.

Here are some more things that I waste money on.

Buying $20 dollars worth of lottery tickets every two weeks and winning a $1 or $2. If I am lucky.

Buying junk food and fast food that cost me $$6-10 everything I buy that stuff.

Buying stuff I think  I can  re-sell in my store and it doesn’t  sell so now I am stuck with it and wasted money on buying it

Ordering out a lot for dinner and not finishing the leftovers that I have already made for dinner the previous night..

Throwing out good food because I let it stay to long in the refrigerator and it spoiled. ( I hate throwing food away)

Not disconnecting my cell phone and only stick to one. We have two and I never use mine and they charge me $10 for it. I have like a million minutes on it because I never use it.

Not doing my rebates in a timely manner . By the time I get around to ding them they have expired so I lost the money that I would have gotten back from the rebate..

These are some of the things that I waste money on. But I will do better my financial future needs for me to be more mindful of my money and not waste as I do. So what do you think?

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Good Morning Happy Sunday. Here's my story for today. I have been looking at this camera well actually it's a video recorder for months. It's from vivitar it's a  620 HD, which by reading the reviews they say this is a pieces of crap video recorder. But of course I ignored what the reviews were from people who actually purchased this video recorder. The reason I wanted this video recorder was  I t saw it on a youtube.  This guy was using one  I thought it would be neat to have one to use when I go garage sailing. Well I looked on
e bay and I even bid on one and lost. My price was no more then $3 dollars to purchase it. I felt that if this camera was a dud then if I lost $3 no big deal compared to the $40 bucks that they were selling for in the stores.

Well yesterday I went garage sailing and I found this camera the one I was looking for for $4 bucks it came with the case to. So I purchased it cheap right? I used it last night . I am still working out the problems and trying to find my way around this camera but over all the reviews were right. This is not a good camera to do any kind of videos on. But hey for 4 bucks I will still use it. Did I mention it takes pictures to!
                                                                So what do you think? 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Getting Paid!!!!!

Hello everyone. Well here's my story for today. I am Happy, Happy, And Happy. Why you ask because today was a good day! First I got paid for the mystery shops that I did in July $30 bucks. Second I had purchased some Jet Blue Airline stock a couple of months ago for $11 a share and now the stock is  selling for $24 a share. Nice profit there.

 Also I am on a thrifting  kick.  I am now searching in thrift store for stuff that i can resale for money. Can I tell you back in the day thrift stores use to be cheap now not so much. So with me getting money in and thrifting again  all of this is making me happy. Now I just have keep up my happy feeling by  finding  more mystery shops to do for August and more stock to buy that will give me a good return for my money. I hope that you have a great weekend. So what do you think?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Got The Flavor!!!

Hello Everyone. Here's my story for today, I've been seeing these lay potato chip flavors like New York Ruben, Biscuits& Gravy, Gyro, and other out of the way flavors.  I have seen them online and wanted to try at least one of them. I never had a chance to purchase a bag because my store didn't carry them until yesterday. They were on sale 2 for $3, I only purchase one bag because if I don't like the flavor I would have wasted $1.50. The store was selling the  The Ruben Chip  flavor and  Biscuit and Gravy Flavor. I passed on the biscuit one It's just didn't sound like that flavor would taste good as a potato chip. Beside I am not a fan of gravy.  I took Ruben instead. Hopefully it will be good.

In other news I manged to save $15 more dollars in coins that I will add to my coin investment challenge.
I am waiting on my paperwork to come back. I filled out the forms and send Kellogg's $65.00 so that they can open my account with  my one share ( sounds sad right?). Once I get the paperwork and everything is correct.  I will send them another $50 in coins for another share and so on. I also manged to win $20 so that was good for me because I am so not making any money doing online jobs.

Other then that the weekend was quite. I managed to get to a few yard sales . Got some interesting stuff. I spent $8 and I have the stuff  listed in my Bonanza store. Hopefully they will sell. We will see.
                                                           So what do you think?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thrift Stores......

Good evening everyone. I am hooked on this  this program called "Thrift Hunter" basically it's 2 guys that go around to different thrift store searching for find stuff to sell on ebay. I love this show because it just brings to light what my grand parents had been doing for years. They use to shop in thrift stores looking for good stuff to resell  in their own store.( that's when thrift stores had good stuff to sell) I learned a lot from growing about thrifting, junking and so on. I also look for thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales when I go out of state. Because you never know what your going to find. Just wanted to share a great show with you. Also I am in love with the bearded man's eye's look at them they are so pretty. But keep that between us ok!
                                                      So what do you think?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

I Love Yard Sales

Hello everyone. Here's my story for today it’s Saturday and HOT! In New York it's about 90 degrees. But that did not stop me from going to my Saturday yard/garage sales. I am addicted what can I say. That is the only place that I can sometimes find good quality holiday gifts for 10 cents on the dollar. I remember last year I spent $25 bucks and came home with 30 gifts to give to family and friends. All brand new gifts thank you. I also go to yard/garage sales  to see what other people are selling that they purchased and decided they did not want it anymore. Today I went to a house where a  women  was selling used coach bags . She had about 50 of them in different colors and sizes. She wanted $50 bucks a piece or higher  depending upon the size and color you wanted but  all  her  bags were  in bad shape. I  passed on that.

I will say that my best finds are books; I find them cheap like 5 for $1. When I see a deal like that I usually buy a bunch that I want to read and then I pass them on to others who  would enjoy them. Well this is one of the books that I found today on my yard sale adventure. I love the color of the cover and even though I have not  practiced Fun-Shui I have to much clutter in my house not to try it.

Beside I got a deal on this book it was cheap and it's brand new. Like the owner never read it. Score.
Also I found 3 cents on the ground  today which will go toward my coin investment challenge. So that is my Saturday story.  What do you think?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Coins Wonderful Coins

Hello everyone. I finally made it. My $65 in coins with extra left over for next time. I am so proud of myself. I filled out the direct investment stock paper work. I will mail it off tomorrow. Now all I have to do is go to the bank , put my coins in my checking account so that I could send the investment company a check. I wish I could just mail them the coins that I have wrapped for them. This would be so much easier for me. What your see in the picture  to the left is the 65 dollars in coins and the right is left over coins for next time I invest ($50 bucks) Now on to my next challenge even though I will keep this one going I have to find other ways to make money. Since so far I have been coming up,  let's just  say not to successful with my online business, mystery shopping and surveys. But I keep trying....
I am making this short and  sweet today. So what do you think?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It's Here!!!

Good Morning Everyone. Here's the story for today. It's here what I am talking about is in regard to my coin investment challenge. I got the paperwork for the stock that I am going to use to invest in for this challenge. As you can see I am buying Kellogg’s stock which is a Drip stock right from the company. It will cost me $65 to start which is $50 initial investment $15 to administration fee.

 Going forward I  am going to find coins  and when I get to $50 bucks in coins  then I will be able to  purchase  more stock in this company. I am trying to send money to this company every other month or so. It depends on how many coins I can find. But my goal is set for only coin and 50 bucks. The reason why I am doing this challenge is to prove to myself that I might not have much money but that doesn't mean I can't invest with what I do have.

 Maybe once I join their  Kellogg's stock program they will send me free cereal or at least coupons with $2 off a box of their cereal. You know has a thank you gift for joining their stock program.

So now that the stock forms I need to fill out are here I only have $49 in coins. I am short $16 bucks. But I don't worry about it because between now and the weekend I am sure to find the $16  I need.
I will let you know how it all works out. So what do you think?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Am A Snob!

Good morning everyone. Here's my story for today. I am a money snob in a way, the reason I say that is because I need to make money so that I can have a $200 allowance for the month. But....... With what I am seeing as far as mystery shopping and surveys go. I see what little they pay to people. And for certain survey that you do they enter you into a sweepstakes that nine out of ten times nobody really wins. So you have spent all your time doing these surveys for what 50 to $1 or a chance to win $1000 which is not going to happen. Let's not talk about mystery shopping the pay is so little $5-10 that it's really not worth it to me. Or is it that I value my time more then the money or am I just being a snob about what I chose to take regarding work.

I have online businesses that are not making any money at all. I think these businesses are more of a hobby for me then they are a real business. But I still work on them because I like them. The businesses are what I love saving money and book.  So my question to you is am I money snob just because I won’t take certain jobs or do certain things because the pay is way to low for my time and troubles? So what do you think?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Not Going....

Good Morning Everyone. Here's my story for today. Remember when I told you that I was going to Atlantic City this week. Well I had to postpone it until September. First thing is that me and my partner were looking forward to going to the beach on Tuesday in Atlantic City. It's will be raining and storming that day. By  By beach. Second the hotel that we really wanted to stay in  we could not get. So we got our second choice Bally's which we were not to happy about. Third we woke up this morning  just to tired to drive 3-4 hours just to gamble. We can do that at home we have a Racino ( a small gambling establishment) 20 minutes from where we live. So overall going to Atlantic City today just did not work out for us. But we did change the date and we will be going in September. Hopefully I can get to the beach by then.

The good thing about not going on this trip today I get to search for more coins to add to my  Investment coin challenge. Yea! So that's my story what do you think??

Saturday, August 8, 2015

This Is Me Now.

Good Morning Everyone. Here's my story for today. Since I started the Investing with coins challenge I looking for $35 more to start this challenge with.( read my previous post about investing with coins)   I am looking everywhere on the street, in my washing machine, pants pockets, under the furniture. This challenge has made me more focus on   finding coins then I was in the past. Is that a good thing???

You can now call me The Coin Hunter.  My Mission is to find lose coins and use them for the betterment of my personal finances. I might even set aside some extra coins so that I can donate to the wild life fund or any charity that helps to save animals. I love animals. So what do you think?

Friday, August 7, 2015

Back To The Beach....

Afternoon everyone, here's my story for today. It's back to the beach in Atlantic City this weekend. (see my picture from last year) Hopefully I will get a chance to enjoy some sun and water before the winter sets in. The reason why I am heading to the beach is first my mother lives near there and it's time for a mother-daughter visit. Also the price was right when it came to hotel stays.  The hotel I am staying at is Bally's Casino and Hotel  the room for 3 night was $80 bucks with my players card points. I usually get to stay at Caesars Hotel for 3 nights at the cost of $30 bucks for all three night. No luck this time. I also have $40 in free play money (this is between me and my partner) and a  buy one get one free dinner.

I would say if I could stick to the beach, free money and free food I would be alright this weekend. As for breakfast and extra food I bring that from home. It's cheaper for me that way. Don’t get me wrong I will be taking extra spending money for just in case but that should be about $400 bucks, if that. I will keep you posted on how the trip went financially for me. So what do you think?

Thursday, August 6, 2015



 Good morning everyone. Happy Thursday, this is my story; this week so far has been normal Thank god!  I am trying to get my medical appointments and exams medical before I go on my Cruse in September. But that's not what I wanted to talk to you about today. I wanted to ask you do you invest in stocks and bonds? I like investing in stocks but since I have very little money coming my way now. I decided to try an experiment to see if I can still invest in stocks with a little bit of money. That’s why you see the coins. What I plan on doing is invest in stock by using the coins that I find and roll. I know what your saying it can not be done. That's why this is a challenge to see if it can be done.

 What I have done to start this challenge off. I rolled the coins I found around the house.  I have $30 already. I found a stock that I can invest in that will cost me $50 to start with an initial one time processing fee of $15. So now I just have to get $65 in coins so that I can purchase my first share of stock from this company. I have already called the company and they are sending me the paper work to fill out to get this investment experiment started.

  I will share what company I have chosen later. Right now I have to find another $35 in coins to make up the $65 I need to purchase my first share. Got any coins you want to donate? Kidding. 

                                                             So what do you think??

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Sweet Weekend

    Hello everyone. Hope that your weekend was a good one. Well here's my story. I had a sweet weekend, meaning with all the stuff that went on in July. I am glad that August is starting off sweet. I celebrated my partner's birthday by purchasing him a birthday cake and going to Outback steak house, with a coupon of course. With cake and dinner it cost me about $60 bucks. Not to bad for two people.

 In other news, I am given myself until October to get my money right. Which means finding ways to make $200 for the month? This money would be used for my personal expenses or pocket money my partner   calls it. I could do with much less for the month because I am a cheapskate but $200 is my goal. If I don't come close to my goal in the coming months, than I am looking for a holiday job starting in October. I  just have to get my resume together, which is going to be strange since I have not done a resume in over 19 years. I hope they still use the same resume format that I used back in the day.  So that's my weekend story.                                                            
                                                     So What Do you think?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Month Of July!

Hello everyone, Happy August 1th. Here's my story for today. I was looking over everything that happened in the month of July and I can truly say it was a hot mess month. First I got into a minor car accident with my new car no less. People were trying to rip me off money wise. I did a mystery shop which I did not get paid for after  I did a 30 minute report  about the shop.  I spend more money this month then I care to talk about. So much So much.

 I am hoping that August will be a better month when it comes to money and just peacefulness. I went over my July budget yesterday and I found out that I overspent in all my categories. For the month of July I spent $492.00 and $158.00 of that was buying lotto tickets. I earned only $70.99 from mystery shopping, my bonanza sales and misc surveys.

This month I am not buying lotto tickets unless the jackpot is like 300 million then all bets are off. I have to be in that one. I am not eating out as much. I am also trying to find ways to make money. I want to make $200 this month. So that's my story what do you think?