Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It's Here!!!

Good Morning Everyone. Here's the story for today. It's here what I am talking about is in regard to my coin investment challenge. I got the paperwork for the stock that I am going to use to invest in for this challenge. As you can see I am buying Kellogg’s stock which is a Drip stock right from the company. It will cost me $65 to start which is $50 initial investment $15 to administration fee.

 Going forward I  am going to find coins  and when I get to $50 bucks in coins  then I will be able to  purchase  more stock in this company. I am trying to send money to this company every other month or so. It depends on how many coins I can find. But my goal is set for only coin and 50 bucks. The reason why I am doing this challenge is to prove to myself that I might not have much money but that doesn't mean I can't invest with what I do have.

 Maybe once I join their  Kellogg's stock program they will send me free cereal or at least coupons with $2 off a box of their cereal. You know has a thank you gift for joining their stock program.

So now that the stock forms I need to fill out are here I only have $49 in coins. I am short $16 bucks. But I don't worry about it because between now and the weekend I am sure to find the $16  I need.
I will let you know how it all works out. So what do you think?

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