Sunday, August 23, 2015


Good Morning Happy Sunday. Here's my story for today. I have been looking at this camera well actually it's a video recorder for months. It's from vivitar it's a  620 HD, which by reading the reviews they say this is a pieces of crap video recorder. But of course I ignored what the reviews were from people who actually purchased this video recorder. The reason I wanted this video recorder was  I t saw it on a youtube.  This guy was using one  I thought it would be neat to have one to use when I go garage sailing. Well I looked on
e bay and I even bid on one and lost. My price was no more then $3 dollars to purchase it. I felt that if this camera was a dud then if I lost $3 no big deal compared to the $40 bucks that they were selling for in the stores.

Well yesterday I went garage sailing and I found this camera the one I was looking for for $4 bucks it came with the case to. So I purchased it cheap right? I used it last night . I am still working out the problems and trying to find my way around this camera but over all the reviews were right. This is not a good camera to do any kind of videos on. But hey for 4 bucks I will still use it. Did I mention it takes pictures to!
                                                                So what do you think? 

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