Monday, August 31, 2015


Good afternoon Everyone. It's finally here the statement from the stock that I purchased with coins. As you can see I am buying Kellogg's because we all eat cereal. The stock was the only one that I could find that  was a good company to buy into and it was cheap. $50 to start and $25 going forward to purchase more shares. I purchased my first not full share of the stock because the going price for a full share was $67. Maybe the next time I roll coins I will be buying a full share. The challenge for me is finding enough coins to roll and send to the stock company.  I am determined to find coins to invest and show you how easy you can invest with just the coins you find. Got any suggestions on where I can find coins?  I do take coin donations if you would like to donate them to me at ......( just kidding).Well that's my story for today. So what do you think?

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