Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Am A Snob!

Good morning everyone. Here's my story for today. I am a money snob in a way, the reason I say that is because I need to make money so that I can have a $200 allowance for the month. But....... With what I am seeing as far as mystery shopping and surveys go. I see what little they pay to people. And for certain survey that you do they enter you into a sweepstakes that nine out of ten times nobody really wins. So you have spent all your time doing these surveys for what 50 to $1 or a chance to win $1000 which is not going to happen. Let's not talk about mystery shopping the pay is so little $5-10 that it's really not worth it to me. Or is it that I value my time more then the money or am I just being a snob about what I chose to take regarding work.

I have online businesses that are not making any money at all. I think these businesses are more of a hobby for me then they are a real business. But I still work on them because I like them. The businesses are what I love saving money and book.  So my question to you is am I money snob just because I won’t take certain jobs or do certain things because the pay is way to low for my time and troubles? So what do you think?

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