Thursday, August 6, 2015



 Good morning everyone. Happy Thursday, this is my story; this week so far has been normal Thank god!  I am trying to get my medical appointments and exams medical before I go on my Cruse in September. But that's not what I wanted to talk to you about today. I wanted to ask you do you invest in stocks and bonds? I like investing in stocks but since I have very little money coming my way now. I decided to try an experiment to see if I can still invest in stocks with a little bit of money. That’s why you see the coins. What I plan on doing is invest in stock by using the coins that I find and roll. I know what your saying it can not be done. That's why this is a challenge to see if it can be done.

 What I have done to start this challenge off. I rolled the coins I found around the house.  I have $30 already. I found a stock that I can invest in that will cost me $50 to start with an initial one time processing fee of $15. So now I just have to get $65 in coins so that I can purchase my first share of stock from this company. I have already called the company and they are sending me the paper work to fill out to get this investment experiment started.

  I will share what company I have chosen later. Right now I have to find another $35 in coins to make up the $65 I need to purchase my first share. Got any coins you want to donate? Kidding. 

                                                             So what do you think??

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