Sunday, July 31, 2016

Washing Machines

 Hello Every One Happy Sunday! Well here's my story for the week.  I am working my AssOff! I am trying to walk as much as I can. Eating right I am still working one. One thing at a time for me. I got this little thing  called a walkometer. It's the kind that you hook to your belt while walking and it reads the miles you walked or the calories your have burned. I love it. I take it every where with me. It keeps me accountable for my walking. I love it even  more because  it was free. Anyway I went to Sears yesterday to look at washing machines. Remember I told you that my tenant asked for a washing machine because my 20 year old one broke down. Well I am in love because I saw a washing machine that's coin operated ( like the one in the picture) You have to put $2 in it in order for it to work. I love it but the price I don't love $1700. Man I want that for  my rental home.  With this kinda machine  the money that I would get from it would help me pay my high water bill. Since I could not afford this machine I did  find some cheaper ones that were about $294-359. But I am looking for that $159 dollar machine.  I know I am dreaming but what the heck. I could have gotten the $50 machine I told you about  but I did not want the problems that might have come with a used machine.

So far I have saved $500 in coins that's now in my Kellogg stock. See what you can do when you save your loose coins. I still give them about $25 every other month. So far I have been doing it for a few months now. I heard Kellogg's might  purchased another company so hopefully my stock will be more valuable once this purchase goes through. Who knows with these things.

I have goal and one is to save money for my cruise in December 2016 and Oct 2017. So I am on the $1 a day challenge.I will use this money that I save on this challenge toward my cruise expenses. Last but not least I got screwed by the mystery shop company. That's how I make my extra $$. I requested 5 shops to do for August  they gave me........ Only 1 to do. I hate when a Mystery shop company gets funky with assigning shops to people.  Do they  not realize people  like me depend on that money since I am no longer working. This is my pocket and vacation money. 
                                         So that's My Story What do You Think?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Staying Cool

                                                  Here's A Cool Glass of Water Stay Cool

Happy Sunday Everyone. Well here's my story for the past week. It was good and bad. Let's talk the bad first. I spent a lot of money  this past week. First my boiler in my rental went costing me $1500. Then I planned on getting a  interview with Sears so I could get a part -time job. That never happened. I was disappointed with that. Then a friend of the family died this week. All this on top of my diabetes is not cooperating with the medication so I have to take two shots instead of one now. To try and control it. I hate the needles. Plus did I mentions that my tenant needs a new washing machine because the old one in the rental home is on it's last leg. Which translated to more money out of my pocket.

Now for the good News!!! I am learning to walked and exercise more. I am walking 3 miles a day and cutting back on what I eat. I am a sweets junkie if I did not mention that before. If I could lose about 40 lbs  this will help me to  control my diabetes. Which I am hoping it will all translate in to saying good by to taking shots. I got paid for some books that I have on half price. I got up this morning to write to you and share my story with you. Thank god for that!  Also I might have found a used washing machine that will only cost me $50 bucks if I decide to take it. Money saved. So that is my story so far what do you think?. Or better yet what's you good and bad news for the week!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Going Crazy

 Hey Everyone here's My story for the week. I am going crazy because of two things. First I had to pay way to much to get a plumber to fix my shaken pipes ($600) and you know what they still need repair. So what did I pay him all that money for if they are still not fixed.

Second I keep seeing these deal for Jet Blue and their cheap air fare  I wanta go to Vegas. I can do Vegas round trip air, hotel, rental car  for 2 people for 1 week  all for about $1300. To me that's a deal! I would be going in October but..... My partner says that we are going on a cruise in December so why not save the money for that? He has a point but.........
Also I am working my butt off doing mystery shopping, selling on line, picking up coins, doing lotto all to make a buck toward my vacations. Got any suggestions?

One last thing. My partner had purchased a car about 3 years ago, He finally paid it off this year now he's waiting for the title to the car to come in the mail. You know I called DMV  to find out what happen to the title. They tell me  we have to come down to the Dept Of motor Vehicles to   fill out paper work  pay $20  wait  3-4 weeks and then we will get our car title mailed to us.. But the loan company told us that they would mail us the title. Since our car loan was payed off. I hate when people lie about stuff. Thank god I had sense enough to call to see what was going on. Oh well that's my story what do you think?

Monday, July 4, 2016

Working HArd & Saving $$$

I Took Advantage

Hey Everyone, well here's my story so far. I took Big Time Advantage... Yes and I am glad I did. what I am talking about is that Princess Cruises was having a Sip & Sail Special on their cruises. So I took advantage and book a cruise for 2017 to sail along the California Coast Line. This mean I will be sailing from LA, going to San Fransisco, San Diego, Monterrey and Mexico and another place I can not remember at the moment. The trip for 2 people will only cost us......$2000. This is because I get discounts for being a pass traveler  on top of their already cheap sailing promotion price and I get  cabin credit of $300. How can you not sail at that price with all the extras that you get. I also like the fact the I am doing 3 vacations in one. First the cruise, then I am staying in LA after the cruise  for a few days to see stuff.  Third I am going to Vegas  from California . The flights are way cheaper then if I would fly to Vegas from New York.  Staying In Vegas a few days and then home. When I say I am doing California I am doing it right! But that's not until Next Year.

This year I have issues. I am waiting to see if my tenant is moving out so that I can get my house back , clean it  and move on to the next renter. I am also trying to do as many things as I can to make extra $$ for my vacation in December that's a cruise as well. So my hands will be full for the next couple of months trying to get some money for both trips. Plus losing weight. God I am so fat!!!

I am still doing the Kellogg's stock purchase and I just rolled $25 toward it on Sunday. I have $375 that I have added already to this company to buy their stock.  Not to bad from just rolled coins.. Oh well that's my story for the week so far what do you think?

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy Holiday

                Happy July 4th. Wishing You and Your family a great day!