Thursday, April 26, 2018

For A Yard!!

Hello Everybody, well here's my story so far. Yesterday I was sitting home watch some judge program when I hear out my window the sounds of a leaf blower. I just knew it was to early for my Gardner to come because it's only April 23 and it's the end of the month. He usually starts on the first of the month. Anyway  my doorbell rings and sure enough it's the Gardner saying that I owe him $200 for  Spring yard clean up? You know I looked at him like he was crazy. I told him what did you do for $200 bucks? I said did you do this, that. this. and also that and that. He told me yes. You know he lied. When I checked after he left he did not do half of the things that I wanted done. My conclusion is that his A** is fired and I will be keeping my money in my pocket and going back to doing my own yard work.

My doctor called. I hate when he calls me after I get test done with news I need more test done. This is the scary part for me because my mind always goes to the serious stuff medical stuff . Like I don't have enough wrong with me already. The only thing I can say is thank god for insurance because without that  I would be screwed!
                                                well that's about it so far What do you think?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Old Town Of San Diego Tour Part 1

Took A trip to San Diego and this was part of my trip. Visiting Old Town Of  San Diego. It was dusty but fun!

Loving Vegas & More

Hello all here's my story for the week. I am in love with a place not a person. I love Vegas and I am looking to move there in the near future. Like 3 years from now. I have a lot of clean up I have to do to get my house in order before I move. But I have been looking at apartments online. I am also thinking about getting a condo there. I'm in the research stages right now. I know one thing I have to get the Heck out of New York, It's to expensive and the money that I have saved over the years will not last me long if I live in New York during my major retirement years.  

Repairs are for the birds I ran all over town yesterday trying to find a place to repair my DVD Recorder. Since I try and record all of my TV shows  on it  because it's cheaper then getting cable. But I had no luck. Most of the places I went to like best buy and other electronic repair places keep telling me to buy a new one or they can fix it for $500 bucks. Really?? The system did not cost me $500 so why would I repair it for that much! On top of that they do not make this system anymore so where could I possible buy a new one at??? Everyone is pushing cable thanks but no thanks. I will think of a way to get this thing repaired or I will just miss my TV shows that's all

Summer is coming I know it. New York has been pretty cold for spring but summer is coming and with that instead of me going to yard sales I will be doing a few. Need to clear out a whole lot of stuff. Will keep you posted.
So what do you think? 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Making Money & Misc Talk

Hello All well here's the story for the week. I am trying to get my life and my mess in order. I am dumping all my unnecessary stuff and selling the rest. I need the money to go on my Hawaii cruise next year and I want to live a minimalist lifestyle. So out the junk goes and believe me I have a lot of stuff to get rid of. Want some of it?

My taxes were ok this year I just knew my favorite uncle , Uncle Sam was going to bless me with a nice refund. Instead I had to pay the fed $1000 and the state gave me $300. So I am out $700 from my personal pocket. What kind of Uncle is that to take $700 from a non- working person. A bad one that's what. 

My Challenges the coupons one is not going to well and the dollar a day is not bad. I made so far about $38 on the dollar a day challenges. The coupon one about $7 I saved for the month of April so far.
Life in general is good it's getting warm out so it's time to hit the street and start my walking. God I need to put down the cake and start thinking about my weight. I want to look good for my cruise next year. Suppose to be going to Atlantic City this week will tell you how it went later on. Hope to win some money. Lord know I could use it. So that's my story What do you think?

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Real Whopper: Most Expensive Burger

 Hello All, One of my favorite things to do is to watch how much people will spend on foolish things like this over the top burger. This burger is way more then the price of a burger king or even a Five Guys Burger. Crazy People with Their Crazy Spending Love it!