Friday, September 22, 2017

Volunteering Part 2

Hello All well here's Part 2 on my volunteering for the WE Event I told you about. This event was held at the Theater in Madison Square Gardens. There were a lot of Junior high school kids  their parents, teachers it was about 300 people. First this organization  WE was a little unorganized. They had a lot of volunteers and did not know what to do with them. Mind you we had training on Monday and by Wednesday everything had changed. Go figure.
The event itself was good Whoopi Goldberg, African Choir, Chelsey Clinton ( that's her in the picture) The Prime Minster of Canada the crowd  cheered for him like he was a rock star.

Over all it was an experience. The breakfast they served the volunteers was coffee, juice a granola bar and apples. I kid you not. The lunch was no better it was Vegan. What the heck is Vegan anyway. I tell you this group who ran this even do not believe in food. We New Yorker's like to eat food food.

As I said it was a great experience one that I would probably not do again  with this group since overall it cost me about $40 bucks in transportation and food to eat. Beside that I did not get that personal feeling of satisfation that one get from volunteering with this event.

 That's my story what do you think?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Hello Everyone. Well here's the story for the week. My friend convienced me to volunteer for WeDay. Which is an orgaization that promotes helping people in third world countries with money for business, heath , education etc. It entourages young people to get involved in being great humanitarians. This event with speakers and performers will be held Wednesday in the city and I am on the Media help group. What my job really is is that I am a runner if they need anything I run for it( haha) It should be fun and I look forward to doing it. I like to volunteer  when it comes to  helping people. So that's my story for today.  Will let you know how the event goes.

                                                 Yep that's right I am New York Made!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Leo Sayer - You make me feel like dancing (1976)


Hello All well this is my story. This is the song that I wanted to sing to my partner this weekend Why..... Because he made me so proud. He got rid of most of the junk we had in the garage. We had an old couch that sanitation finally took. He got rid of a lot of junk in our basement that was just taking up space and collecting dust. He loaded our van to the prim with stuff for donation. Heck he  gave away , threw out and sold a lot of stuff this weekend. Plus he  help me with the garage sale we were having. So this Sunday night tired as heck the both of us. I still feel like dancing because I am getting my freedom back by getting rid of the Junk! Amen!! So what do you think and who wants to dance with me?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Hey Everybody Well here's the story so far. Score I found 3 dresses at a yardsale that actually fit me for 50 cents each. I kind you not. The seller was getting rid of all her mother in laws clothing which happens to be my size. The women had some nice dresses. So I took them I need them for my cruise trip  November. I love buying cheap but good quality clothing.

My stinking sanitation. I told you about the couch that I was getting rid of well, I put it out for sanitation to pick it up 2 weeks ago.  The skunks, birds and raccoons thinks  the couch sitting outside  is their new out door furniture to do whatever with. I see the new holes they have made in it. I called sanitation everyday about this couch. Finally someone told me what to do and now hopefully my couch will be picked up this Thursday. God willing.

Yard Sale Saturday I can't wait. My community is doing a yard sale this Saturday and I need to do one so bad. I have been on this get rid of junk kick lately and I want to sell or donate all my junk. I am into to no junk living now. So that's my story. What do you think?