Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Hey Everybody Well here's the story so far. Score I found 3 dresses at a yardsale that actually fit me for 50 cents each. I kind you not. The seller was getting rid of all her mother in laws clothing which happens to be my size. The women had some nice dresses. So I took them I need them for my cruise trip  November. I love buying cheap but good quality clothing.

My stinking sanitation. I told you about the couch that I was getting rid of well, I put it out for sanitation to pick it up 2 weeks ago.  The skunks, birds and raccoons thinks  the couch sitting outside  is their new out door furniture to do whatever with. I see the new holes they have made in it. I called sanitation everyday about this couch. Finally someone told me what to do and now hopefully my couch will be picked up this Thursday. God willing.

Yard Sale Saturday I can't wait. My community is doing a yard sale this Saturday and I need to do one so bad. I have been on this get rid of junk kick lately and I want to sell or donate all my junk. I am into to no junk living now. So that's my story. What do you think?

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