Sunday, May 31, 2015

Yard Sale Event

Good morning everyone, so yesterday I did my yearly yard sale and as you can see I got a lot of stuff to sell. Mostly the stuff you see is from when i did flea markets and I sold toys lots of toys, leather goods, glassware. you name it if I could get it cheap I sold it. Well anyway I worked from 8-6 it was hot and muggy yesterday and after all was said and done I made...............$72 for the day. People are just not spending the money at the garage sales like they use to.  Some are even cheaper then me demanding almost that i give them free stuff. And let me tell you I was selling stuff cheap under $5 cheap. some stuff I just gave away because I wanted to get rid of it,but only to the nice people.   I now have to donate most of the stuff that I did not sell but that's OK at least I made the effort to sell it and I am grateful that I got a chance to add money to my business which is now  buying and selling stuff on bonanza and i met some nice people in the process.So it was a win win day for me well almost....
Also I am starting to make a effort to really use any coupons that I can find because my goal for 2016 is to make $5,000 in doing stuff on the side like selling, lottery wins, unexpected money some people call them snow flakes I just call it making $$. For June I really need to stop spending or shall I say wasting money on lottery tickets. I have spent over $100 for the month of may and got zero in return.  
                                                    So what do you think???

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