Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saving Money Week!

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Happy Mother Day everyone, Have a good and very blessed one. Here is the story for the week. I was on my " I am saving money this week kick" So I decided that I was not spending money this week. I spring cleaned my house and found $5.20 cents doing it. Got my stuff ready for my yard sale at the end of May. I also saved $20 bucks by doing my own yard work. I am between gardeners right now and they charge you about $20  a week  to do the front and back of your house and they do it weekly . So that's about $80 for the month.So yesterday I did it myself and saved $20 bucks. But I also found out that I have to buy another lawnmower mine broke. I also had to spend money on a weed whacker cost me $30 bucks. The land mower will close me under $100 I hope. I saw a nice one in Home Depot that I wanted. The better thing for me to do is wait and see if I can find one in a yard sale for cheap. So you can say I saved to spend money this week. But my spending was for a good cause.
 What do you think???

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