Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I Always Wanted One

Did I tell you this story already, If not here it goes. I always wanted one of these. It's The Keurig single coffee maker. I wanted one so bad. I ask my mother for the Holiday to get me one. I looked in the stores for a cheap one The lowest price I could find was $119. To expensive for me. Then one day I was at a garage sale and I found it for $5 buck! I was in heaven I got what I wanted and it was cheap. The lady  who sold it to me was nice  and even threw in the  silver cup that you see. I was happy I went home and it so happens that I had some K cups to use with my new coffee maker.  What happen next............ The coffee that comes out of my new coffee maker is ok nothing special I was disappointed at my want. So now my $5 coffee maker is stilling next to my Mr Coffee Maker which I love and it makes a better pot of coffee then my $5 Keurig coffee maker. I am telling you all this why... Because be careful of spending a lot of money on a want it might not turn out to be what you think it should be and you might end up like me disappointed and out of 5 buck!!!!  Got any suggestions?????

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