Friday, December 5, 2014

I Confess.....


Alright, I gotta confess I 've been laying around  for the past 2 days and not really  working. Why because it's cold outside and I hate the cold. Second the mystery jobs I see are not worth the time  to get out of my warm bed and into my cold car to go to any of them since now they are paying $5 per shop.
Also I am trying to get my act together because in 2 weeks I will be in Vegas for Christmas. This trip was planned when I was still working. I still feel  that I need to get away for a minute to regroup before 2015 comes in. so I am  going on my trip. But  with no job and no paychecks coming in my  gambling budget will be less then  when  I was working. Good-by gambling budget of $3000 .hello  gambling budget of $1200 for the week. I am looking for anything and everything coupon related for my trip so that I can save money that way and still have a good time.
Anyway back to me being lazy. I know that I have my $2 challenge that I am working on and I am still looking for work, and eating bad stuff and reading my book for pleasure and watching game shows  Hey I never said I was perfect just human. Well that's my story for today . Got any suggestions??? 

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