Monday, September 7, 2015

A Busted Vacation....

Good evening everyone. How are you today and Happy Labor Day! Here's my story today. I know right now I suppose to be in Atlantic City eating my dinner at a nice table which over looks the water. But instead I am at home nursing a bum knee. How did that happen, I am still not sure. All I know is that Sunday morning when I was ready to go on my trip my knee started to act up and I was in to much pain to go anywhere. So I had to cancel my trip which I was not happy about. Of all the weekends not to go anywhere with the weather being so nice it had to be this one. On top of that I now have to make an appointment with my doctor to see what happen to my knee. Is this what it will be like when you start getting older your body starts to fall apart on you at the wrong time?   So what do you think?

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