Friday, October 2, 2020

Raining Money!

                                                                Hello All..

Well I had to share this with you. October 1th and it's raining money. What I mean is first  I saved $2.04 on my Con Edison bill. Which  helps because I pay about $200 a month for an empty house no less. Tell you that story later. I got a dividend check for $$20.74 which was unexpected. I also received notice that I will be getting some extra income in the coming months it's around $200. So yes It's raining money. I am so happy and thankful.

I am on the $20 dollar challenge where I challenge myself to  add to my $20 dollars by saving money and adding what I save to to a checking account. I have set up for that and my mystery shopping funds.  I am also doing surveys, playing lotto for a few bucks. I know the lotto thing is a crap  shoot.  The $20 that I start with can help me get the things that I might need to make more money. I will keep you post it on this one. It's October the holidays are coming and the need to save is great because in November for whatever reason I become a spendaholic.

                                                   So that's my story what do you think?


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