Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Call the Police!

                                                            Hello All..

Call the police I have been robbed. Here's the story. I purchased a bird feeder from Walmart for $5 this is with food included. I set it up in the tree. after a week it was gone. I have been robbed. Either a squirrel took it or a group of birds. I am not ruling out the raccoons in this area you know they are bandits. I am calling the police. Now I have to replace that one with another one when I go back to Walmart.

October is already scaring me the medical bills from my partner came it. Can you say $70,000 no joke. Thank god he has Medicare. They footed the bulk of this bill. He  only had to pay $50 bucks. If you don't have health insurance life can get pretty scare fast for people like me who stay with something. 

I don't really talk politics on this blog all I can say is the debate between that man in the white house and Joe Biden was better then any reality show that I have seen lately. I enjoyed watching it and I don't watch debates normally.

                                      So that's my story what do you think?


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