Saturday, October 17, 2020

They Got Me Twice!!

  Hello all well here's the story for the week. They got me twice!! I went to my car yesterday which sits in my driveway. When I opened my door I noticed that my things from the glove compartment was on my seat. I knew right then and there that someone was in my car. They took the couple dollars I had but left the small coins. I knew I locked my car. I am sure of it. Anyways at least they did not break the glass or damage anything that might need major repairs if they broke it. That was the good thing, but the sad part was this was the second time in  about a year this has happened. At this point I can't even get mad anymore I figure if you had to break into somebody's car for the small stuff . Then you need it more then I do.

 Yes family I voted. I am so tired of the way our government is running I had to make my vote count this year. I had them mail me a mail--in ballot and I voted. I am proud and hopefully the right person  will  win this year.

                                                   That's My Story What do you think?  


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