Saturday, October 24, 2020


  Hello all Here's the weeks story. Stressful. Why is food shopping so stressful to me. I went to ShopRite yesterday and it was stressful.  People are on top of each other. They are pushing their shopping carts like they have all the time in the world.   Their stopping and holding conversations in the aisle with others. while people are trying to shop around them. Then when you say excuse me they pretend to not hear you after you have said it loud like 10 times. Is it me but I wish there was a way where you could get away with hitting people at times. When they just don't listen.

 I did  realize something Shoprite has nothing on my Walmart. Walmart is way cheaper and I have room to run, hop and skip without running in to anybody. Other then that I am  getting ready for the holiday season by  selling my  Barbie collection on line.   I need the money to buy a new car. Last I check my car was  25 years old and she is starting to show it in the way that she running. Time  to put old Betsey in to  car retirement 

                                          Nothing special that's my story What do you think?


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