Tuesday, September 29, 2020

So Cheap!

  Hello all  well here's something I wanted to share with you. I was a kid in a candy store yesterday. I walked in to a Super Walmart and it was the size of 3 football fields. This was a super Walmart the one with the supermarket in it. I live in New York and we don't have a super Walmart by me . So I traveled 30-40 minutes to the nearest one and I am so glad I did. Can you say cheap prices? A gallon of Milk was $1.88, Can Soups 50 cents, Banana $25 cents a pound, bag of mix veggies $1.19. My butter that I get in the big size $5.99 normally I pay $8-9 dollars for it. So you see why I got excited and yes I over spent but the prices were so cheap I went into over spending. But I did buy only the things that I needed. Well sort of. 

I will  be going back  but this time  when I do  go back the excitement will be over and the hunt for more bargains will begin. I will tell you this in the car I kept looking at my receipt when my partner said what are you reading a book you keep looking at that receipt from Walmart. Because I could not believe how cheap their products are I told him. .    Doesn't take much to make me happy and today Walmart did just that.

                                                           That's My Story What do you think?


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