Sunday, December 17, 2017


Hello all, well here's' the story for the week.  Lifestyle Change With 2018 around the corner. It's time for a lifestyle change on my part. For 3 years I have  been free to do what I want. Meaning I left my job and traveled. I also sat on my butt when I was not traveling and ate myself to fat land. But this will all change come 2018.

I am going on a lifestyle change which will  an allowance a clean out of my home Becoming Super Cheapskate /Frugal . You just don't know how bad I want to live small  with only the basics that I need. I feel living this way will help me be a better person. For the allowance I am giving myself $20 a month to do what I want to do with it. Like going yard sailing ,or to  buy something I want  or need  for that month. When the $20 is gone then I will not get another  $20 until the next month. For the Super frugal/Cheapskate I am watching my pennies like a hawk and see where I land at the end of the year savings wize.

Let me share something else with you my sidewalk is cracking. No thanks to a tree in front of my house and the roots are cracking the side walk. It's my responsibility according to the city of New York to fix it. But Con Edison also has a shut -off  line  in the cracked sidewalk. So I called Con Ed to see if they can fix the side walk where their shut off line is. Hopefully they will come check it out and fix   the sidewalk for free. Wishful thinking right. So What Do You Think?

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