Monday, October 30, 2017

Got It!!!!

 Hello All, Well here's my story so far. I finally got my mystery shopping check in the mail to day Yea! The check came to $165.00 but they still owe me about $100 more which I should be getting  in a couple weeks. I am glad that I got this check. I am doing a mystery shopping experiment.  I have open a checking account at a new bank which I got paid to do.  So when the company has teller shops I can do them at this bank. Also any other mystery shops that I do the money will go in to my new bank account for 1 year. I want to see how much money I can make mystery shopping for a year.

It pays to keep track of things. My gardener which I have not seen in 5 weeks did my yard yesterday. He also wanted to get paid so he presented me with a bill that was all wrong. So what I did was get my calendar out and told him these are the days I seen you and the days I did not see you. After our discussion the bill was reduced quite a bit. I paid only $80 bucks for 2 months instead of the original $160. It pays to keep track.

Vegas is still my love. I am still looking into moving to Vegas in 2019. That would be the right time to move because it will take me about a  year to get all my junk sold, donated or trashed. And believe me I got a lot of stuff. So that's my story so far what do you think?

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