Sunday, March 20, 2016

Losing Money

Hey Everyone, Here's my story for the week. As you already know I am in the process of looking for a job. I think I will go back in to being a teller in a bank. I did that many many years ago. I saw where chase bank and queens county have opening which I am going to apply for. I just have to do my resume. Have not done a resume in like 20 years. It will be a part-time job only. I am doing it for two reason to make money and to have something to do during the week to keep me busy.

Also make sure that you always check your money. What I mean is if you have investments and other places where you keep your money make sure to check on them regular. I tell you this because I just went to the bank yesterday and I was checking on my investments. I found out that what I thought the bank had for me in my investment account they really didn't. It took me 3 hours with a chase investment advisor to sort out the mess and misunderstanding.  Now I   still have to do research when it comes to finding out where my money is. That is one thing I can say I hate to lose any kinda money. So now for me the search for my missing money is on.

I did a dumb thing this weekend. I had free tickets for an extreme coupon event and I am thinking it was for this Saturday March 19. I got up got excited and  went to the place where the event was suppose to be held. When I got there I found out the event is in April not March. I am so dumb sometimes.Well that is my story what do you think?

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