Monday, May 23, 2016

Garage Sale Time!!!!

Hey Everyone Here's My Story For The Week- so far. Last weekend I went to a community yard sale and this community was pretty fancy.Meaning  they had the good stuff to sell but it was not cheap. I did luck up on a few bargains which I will be reselling hopefully for a profit. I am trying to make a buck anyway that I can.  I spent way more then I was suppose to ( $150) on stuff but I got a brand new well 2 brand new cameras that does everything. They were never used. I got 30 x box and xbox 360 games, some free stuff, Gi joes , various games and much more. So I will say that spending that kinda money last weekend was well worth it.Now all I have to do is process all this stuff so I can get my money back with a profit added of course. So that 's my story so far what do you think?? 

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