Sunday, May 8, 2016

Off My Game

Hello Everyone, Happy Mothers Day! Here's my  story for the week. First I have been doing mystery shops trying to make some extra $$. But I realize that the shops that I use to do when I started  and I was excited about is now boring me to tears. I have made so many mistakes going to the wrong shop location. not getting enough information for the shop, canceling the shop. I am starting to realize if my heart is really into it anymore. Yes I like the little $15 I get for each shop but I don't think it's really worth it. Oh heck I just might need to look for a real part-time job!

Second thing. I am so jealous, My cousin who is always living form paycheck to paycheck is going on all these great trips and I stay home because I am scared to spend $$. And truthfully I don't want to spend a lot of money for vacations. I like my vacations cheap. I somethings think that because I am so cheap I might be missing out on the best part of life and that's just living and being.

Third and last. I got my incomes tax check back. well really my partner did and half is mine. OK, $100 of it is mine. He owes me because he would normally be paying but because I am a dependent on him he now gets money back! He likes that. So the thing is use  what to do with this $100. I could it  for my basic but very small living expenses or put it in my holiday club. What would you do?

Sorry One Last thing..... My gardener had the never to send me a gardening bill for  $950 for  services for the year of 2015. Did I mention that last year I did my own gardens and lawn care  because I fired the Gardner in 2014! He has the nerve to send me a bill for services he did not do. So what do you think I will be doing with this bill.......

                               Well that's my story for this week what do you think?

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