Friday, April 16, 2021

I Need One

  Hello all . well here's the story for today. I need a personal oil rig that will pump oil out of the ground for me and deliver it to my house. Reason why I just got my last winter oil bill of $697 and that just covered 3 months of oil. I think it would be cheaper to get my own oil rig what do you think?

Trying to get my organized life together. I hate clutter and I love throwing stuff away. If I see it don't like it I throw it away. Makes me feel better. I live in a old home and my partner has stuff back from the 50's I kid you not. Every chance I get and he turns his back I throw it away. I hate mess and a lot of  unnecessary stuff collecting dust. Half the stuff I throw away he never misses anyway.

So far the mystery shopping has been good I am doing a little bit at a times to keep my $60 dollar  a month quota going. Most of the money I told you before goes to the cats/squirrels/bird food. Now I have somebody else to feed The racoons they eat the left over food from the cats.  

                                               Oh well That's my story what do you think?


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