Monday, March 29, 2021

Sunday Freebie

  Hello all well here's the story so far. Why did I have to call the  heating company in on a Sunday because I smelled oil coming from my basement. Mind you it was rainy and cold and Sunday. Did I forget to mention that . I had planned on relaxing on Sunday but things happen to most of the time prevent me from relaxing. I had to replace a pipe on my heating tank. Which meant I had to call the heating company to have them send a guy over on Sunday. Thank god I had  a  repairs contract for the heating system. When the repairman was finished he started  telling me that my contract did not cover the extra  pipes that he had to replace and this repair might cost me $400. I told him I don't think so. If my contract cover  10 inches of pipe and you put in 12 inches then only charge me for the extra 2 inches that you went over my  contract agreement. I know that was not going to be no $400 for 2 inches.

The repairman came back to me and told me to forget about it. It was covered under my contract. I told him  with all the repairs I have had done with this heating system I paid for it twice already. I had better luck with my  old heating system and that thing was 60 years old. Stuff  you buy today is just Crap!

                                             Well That's My Story What Do You Think?


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