Thursday, March 25, 2021

Got It!

 Hello all well here's my story so far. I was looking for my stimulus check to come in the mail as a paper check. But the government decided this time to send  the stimulus check  direct deposit. Didn't see that one coming. Because normally I would get a debit card with the amount on it, Or a paper check. Either way as long as I got it. Between me and my partner we got $2800. Now what to do with it ?

 Pay the bills with some of it  because I did my taxes last week and uncle Sam is not a nice person. I  will owe  him some money. I will buy my stray cats the good cat food we are talking $7 a bag and not the $3 a bag food. Giving them a treat.  I will be saving about $200 to go to Atlantic city with for vacation. I need a get away I am tired and need some excitement. With getting free hotel rooms. taking my own food to eat  and gambling on the cheap $200 should do it for a 2 day stay. Beside I go to put my feet in the water since Cruising is out this year.

                                            That's about it for me so what do you think?



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