Tuesday, November 24, 2015


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Good Evening Family. I am sure by now you know the story of Patties sweet potato pies. If not here is a short version. Pattie Labelle was selling sweet potato pies in Wal-Mart. well really it was a factory that made them and they just put patties picture and her signature on the box.  Anyway the pies were not selling that great until.... A guy purchased the pie did a you tube video and the video went viral. Now the pies are selling like hot cakes and Wal-Mart has made over 2.3 million, yes I said 2.3 million from the sell of those pies. 
I am busted because I got caught up in the hype of the pies and went to my Wal-Mart looking for one  a pie.  They were selling around $4. I am glad that I did not find the pies. For one I do not need to make anybody else richer, I really don't need the pie and also I am a loyal fan to Entermann's sweet potato pies their good. But I got caught up in all of the talk and hype and for that I feel ashamed. It only goes to show that the power of persuasion is alive and kicking.
                                                       So what do you think?

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