Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hunting Time....

Hello Everyone. Here's the story for the week with the holidays right around the corner I decided it's time for me to go hunting. Meat hunting that is. I am now looking in all the  grocery store circulars and hunting for coupons that pertain to me getting cheap meat. The only thing that I am finding is cheap chicken 79 cents a pound.  Corn Beef, Ribs. Pot Roast, Turkey, Lamb. Veal these meats are over the $1.99 per pound the price that I want to pay. So I continue to look  I have a deep freezer  that I would like to stock with cheap meats. Is it because I live in High A** New York that I can't  find the great meat deals that others  do who live in other states. Even where my mother lives her supermarket has great meat prices she lives 3 hours from me.  Anybody else having a I can't find Cheap Meat Problems beside me?
                                                          So what do you think?

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