Saturday, March 9, 2019

Not A Problem!!!

Hello all well here's the story for this week...

I went to my local bank and basically I love that bank the people are friendly and they work with me and my difficult  transactions. Mostly when I go to the bank I go over to the Customer Service  desk and she helps me. Well not this week. when I went in to the bank the person or people who normally help me were not there new people where in their places. The CSR called me over I told her what I needed to have done. She started the work, then another CSR came over and told the women to stop working on my transactions. I could go to the teller and have all that done. I looked at the women like she had three heads. Then I said no problem I got my banking stuff and walked over to the teller  window but first in my mind I did this
I was mad that this women who came over to the desk and stopped my transaction with the first CSR was not even a manager she was a  floating  CSR.   At the teller window  I talked so loudly about being send over to the  window . I think everybody in the bank must of heard my mouth. I asked the teller  when's  the original people where coming back, she said soon. Then I told her good I will wait to open a cd  when the regulars come back. They could keep these floating people they don't know how to treat customers.

          Well that's my story what do you think?    

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